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by Beverly Gandara
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Alt="soaring in silence"Soaring in Silence by Beverly Gandara

What would you do if you were being stalked and no one took you seriously?

A recently handicapped young married woman, who by her own resourcefulness and the wonders of the Internet, overcomes her struggle against the unwanted sexual advances of a dangerous retiree with a buried criminal past.

Kim and Brad Wolf, a New York childless couple begin life anew in Arizona. Kim, recently diagnosed with a rare disease, adjusts to her early retirement by focusing on their new home, her loving but nervous husband’s new collectible business, the wonders of the Internet. and volunteering at the local police station. Kim befriends Jack Oviatt, the volunteer program supervisor who is attracted to her. The Wolf’s settle in peacefully in the quiet of the desert.

Kim’s tranquility is shattered by a chance meeting with Harry Gellis, a recently widowed retiree in the witness protection program and his relentless sexual pursuit through a series of harassments and veiled threats. Harry is used to getting what he wants and he wants Kim.

Brad’s preoccupation with his new business and the emotional battle he faces adjusting to Kim’s disease and the move places him on overload. To protect her husband, Kim chooses to face Harry alone. Her complaints to the community security force and the local police yield no resolution. With renewed strength and resourcefulness, Kim uses the Internet to uncover Harry’s true identity, her only weapon against the attack she knows he has planned for her.

Kim’s intent is to contact Harry’s cohorts but decides against it once she realizes the consequences. Harry has his own game plan; keep Brad busy out of the house, break in and have his way with Kim. By a twist of fate, the attack takes an unexpected turn. What happened to Harry Gellis?

In an effort to return to normalcy, Kim opts to keep the entire incident and her triumph over fear to herself.

Several years later, Jack Oviatt, the volunteer program supervisor receives new information about a cold case. He suspects Kim has knowledge of Harry Gellis’ death. Can he prove it?

Book review:

Soaring in Silence: One Woman’s Triumph Over Fear by Beverly Gandara is an intriguing, page-turning, romantic thriller with a genuinely riveting ending.  Soaring in Silence will have you gripped as the suspense continually builds and builds.

Kim Wolf is one resourceful woman!  Beverly Gandara has done a wonderful job of making all the characters in this book very 3-dimensional, but especially our heroine Kim.  Every person that appears has a full description of appearance and background, really bringing them to life and making them very believable people.  Although the first-person narrative is with retired policeman Jack, this is absolutely Kim’s story.  At first, I wondered why Jack was presented like this, but then in the end it all becomes clear.  The incredible descriptive scenery is also mentioned with careful and particular detail.  I certainly would like to visit Arizona now!  The author did a wonderful job of describing it all.

When Kim receives the news that she has a terminal illness called Takayasu’s Arteritis, (a rare form of vasculitis) she takes the doctor’s advice to live in a place of peace and calm.  Her wonderful husband Brad will do anything for her.  So they pack up, leave New York and move to Arizona.  Everything seems to be working out perfectly, especially when they move into their dream home.  Coping with a sharp decline in health and mobility, a stalker is the last thing Kim needs.  But when it rains it pours, and into her new peaceful and extremely positive life, comes Harry Gellis.  In Harry, we have the villain we all want to jeer and boo.  I thought he was vile when we first meet him, but as the book progresses his irritating habits and vulgar mouth builds until he is shown as vicious and dangerous.  Kim knows she is in danger but can get no one to believe her.  Such is her strength that she starts to search for a way out herself.  Superb plot!

Beverly Gandara has written a book that is both moving and thrilling.  Mixing a terminal illness with a stalker you grow to hate, is both clever and distinctive.  Easy-to-read and a complete page-turner, Soaring in Silence by Beverly Gandara comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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