Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura

by Christian Cura
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Alt="dreams of thunder"Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura 

Magical outlaws roam free on the West Coast. The enforcers are stretched thin in their efforts to stem the tide of chaos. The Council headquarters is on the brink of assault, and the lives of the Council members hang in the balance. At the center of it all, is Saba Qureshi, a woman scorned by the draconian measures of the Council. They executed her grandfather and robbed her family of their status and fortune. Now Saba is coming for them, and she’s not alone…

Book review:

Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura is flamboyantly magical.  A fast-paced, page-turning urban fantasy that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Good versus evil in the form of a band of magical-humans, most of which have pledged themselves to being demon-hunters, and a powerful woman on a mission to bring them all down.

Christian Cura’s story-telling is crisp and succinct, with short snappy sentences that makes reading easy and rapid.  There isn’t a singular hero or heroine, instead there are a group of main characters, which Cura uses to tell his story.  Although a lot of main characters are at play, each new segment clearly states whose point of view this part of the story is narrating, making it easy to follow.

The magnitude of magic within these pages is tremendous, and if you’re a fan of all things magic you are in for a treat.  The sky’s the limit as magic-filled humans release their unique methods of fighting.  Holding center-stage from beginning to end is revenging Saba, a woman on a mission to destroy the Council who executed her grandfather.  Her power is so great she is able to open portals and summon a myriad of demons to do her bidding.  When she sends a message declaring she is going to kill all non-magical people in Manhattan, the Enforcers send a distress signal calling for help.  Can they stop Saba from claiming ultimate power?  I loved the magical-power used, especially the map the Enforcers have that shows the demons in 3D climbing up and into the streets.

Written to ensure your adrenaline is pumping, this novel is action-packed, heart-thumping and brimming with magic.  Dramatic and very cinematic, Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura is a must read for both magic and fantasy fans, and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café Book proudly reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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