The Island Daughter by Helena Halme – Book Review

The Island Daughter by Helena Halme
Series: Love on the Island

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Alt="the island daughter"The Island Daughter (Love on the Island Book 3) by Helena Halme 

When past secrets shatter your present, how do you face your future?

After her dear stepfather has a fatal heart attack, Alicia returns home to the Åland Islands to support her mother, Hilda. She leaves behind a new life with her lover, Patrick, in Stockholm.

But when her lover’s ex, Mia, the daughter of the local property magnate, makes moves to rekindle her relationship with Patrick, Alicia is torn between duty and her own happiness.

Alicia’s hopes of a brighter future are further dashed when deeply buried family secrets surface. How can she forge a new life when everything she believed to be true about her past is a lie?

Meanwhile, Alicia’s best friend, Brit, has her own problems. After a life spent footloose and fancy-free, traveling the world working on cruise ships, she’s both horrified and delighted when she sees the thin pink lines on a test tube. But how can she have a baby with a man she’s only known for a matter of months?

The Island Daughter is the third novel in Helena Halme’s Love on the Island series, but it can also be enjoyed as a standalone read.

Join Alicia’s small island community for another installment in the “captivating” new series set on the most picturesque of Scandinavian islands. Once you enter her world, you’ll never want to leave.

Book review:

Set against the breath-taking backdrop of The Åland Islands, The Island Daughter by Helena Halme is a heart-warming novel that blends family saga fiction with beauty, drama and romance.

Alicia can feel herself breathe again as she sits with her mother, Hildah, in a quiet café in Mariehamn. As they settle down, Hildah reveals her concerns about Alicia’s stepfather’s health issues. What was to be a short lovely trip back home takes a turn when Uffe suffers a tragic heart attack and dies. In tears, Alicia notifies her boyfriend, Patrick, of the death. In Stockholm, Patrick is facing a dilemma of his own. His ex-wife wants him back. Patrick struggles to make a decision between returning to Mia and reuniting his family or developing his promising, passionate relationship with Alicia.

Alicia and Patrick’s relationship is set back by real complex issues. Patrick is struggling to co-parent with his insidious ex-wife. When Alicia finds out Patrick has been withholding information from her, she becomes doubtful of him, contrary to her initial confidence in their relationship. The characters’ lives take unpredictable twists and turns which makes the story thought-provoking and compelling. Other devastating revelations follow that relate to Alicia’s family, adding to her distressing emotional state and initial pain she is suffering from Uffe’s death. Intriguing supporting characters also face challenges in their own personal lives.

The Åland Islands’ beauty and culture form a superb setting for the novel in which Helena Halme describes everything so vividly, I felt like I was there on the scene as the story unfolded. As part of an impressive series, The Island Daughter can still be read on its own.  With skillful character development, beautiful descriptive writing and an overall extraordinary storyline and narration, Helena Halme has me hooked and wanting more. I will certainly be reading more of her wonderful novels in her Love on the Island series.

The Island Daughter covers topics relating to women, family, friendship, and love. It is a hopeful and inspirational novel with unique, relatable characters. Read this memorable, passionate novel and be stirred with emotion, overcome with delight and entirely entertained. Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Island Daughter by Helena Halme. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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