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by Scott G Harvey
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Savagely Noble: A Young Man’s Journey From Ignorance, Through Illusion, To Identity by Scott G Harvey

Abandoned in an alienating world, Savagely Noble brings the reader on a voyage to connect individual and collective identities. As the expedition spirals out of control, this psychological thriller will make you question how best to live, what is real, and whether you’re truly free.

Nearly two decades after being mysteriously deserted in a hospital waiting room in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this is the tale of Bhanu. Distraught and disillusioned by shocking news of his bloodline origins, the rise of American far-right politics, and an act of noble heroism gone terribly wrong, Bhanu runs away in search of his biological parents and native homeland. Along the way, he discovers that the people we meet in our travels are often just as captivating, if not more, than the destinations we seek. However, can we ever truly return home?

Book review:

Savagely Noble by Scott G Harvey is an intelligent and thought-provoking psychological novel.  Masterfully written, this is deep-dive into the beauty and ugliness of the virtues and flaws of one young man.

Beautifully descriptive, this distinctive flawlessly written novella will set your mind alight with thoughts and questions.  This is more than a story; it is a glimpse into the mind of Bhanu, where both light and dark are revealed.  There’s a poetic feel to the prose, let me share with you what I mean with one of my favorite lines: Yet again, it looked as if my romantic aspirations would not come to fruition, and my most intimate companion would remain… my fragile mind.

I admire Harvey for creating a character that expresses no remorse in the face of committing a crime, for presenting him as a coward who runs away rather than facing the consequences.  Self-aware and internally looking, Bhanu is not your traditional hero.  Yet his journey endears him to us.  As an American who looks African but thinks of himself as Indian, Bhanu’s hometown no longer feels safe.   Reflecting on the works of renowned psychologists he searches for ‘self’ and an understanding to dreams that have started plaguing him.  When an identity-shattering catalytic event happens, Bhanu’s life is spun upside-down, catapulting him on a pilgrimage to find his genetic parents.  What he finds will shape both his mind and his future.

Scott G Harvey writes with confidence and a touch of humor.  This might be his debut work, but it is has a timeless quality, making it a book of very high caliber.  Savagely Noble by Scott G Harvey comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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