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by Grant Hallstrom
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Amora is an emotional historical Christian novel of forgiveness and redemption. A wealthy patrician denounces his Christian wife and her slave to die in the arena, only to find his life turned upside down while the slave’s lover pursues a quest for vengeance.

This engaging historic epic is based on the true story of the noblewoman who inspired Justin Martyr’s petition to the Roman Senate. Amora is a story of sacrifice, a sweeping action-adventure and a moving examination of spirituality and faith. This powerful story will, unquestionably, resonate with people of faith, and has enough universal appeal to find a home with other audiences as well.

Explore the path to forgiveness and healing while witnessing the characters struggle with their pains of loss and betrayal, the burden of guilt, and the drive for revenge.

Book review:

Amora by Grant Hallstrom is an immensely moving story about love and forgiveness.  Where does peace come from when your world is ripped apart?  This is a remarkable peek into Christian life under Roman rule, and also one of the most touching stories of forgiveness I have ever read.

The introduction where Hallstrom talks about his loss of his brother touched my heart.  I am positive that Calvin will be proud of this book which is dedicated to him.  This book is inspired by a real event, the sending of a letter from Justin Martyr to petition Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the Roman Senate, and recorded as the first Christian defender.  From this letter Hallstrom created the story behind the noblewoman mentioned.  This is Amora’s story, starting from the day she marries Leo.  Who would know from such a happy beginning, such sorrow would follow.  Elegantly portrayed, the world of Greco-Roman is brought to life.  Enthused with real people and all their intricacies this book will stand timeless.  Death, loss, betrayal, greed, murder, all of these things are as painfully real today as they have been for thousands of years.  And so is love, mercy and forgiveness.  I cried so much during the second half of this book, not only because of the tragedies that fall upon this family, but also because of the incredible forgiveness that is learned along the way.  This is without a doubt, the most emotional Historical Christian story I have ever read.  It is a tale to treasure, and to pass to others.

Grant Hallstrom has written a wonderful novel.  Amora’s life is both tragic and uplifting.  I was moved with emotion, inspiration and to tears several times.  Grant’s writing style is easy-to-read and packed with interesting historical flavor.  Amora by Grant Hallstrom comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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