Blind Focus by Margie Vieira – Book Review

by Margie Vieira
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Mariana Castillo is forewarned that she must guard her family’s secret of clairvoyance. But the brave twenty-five-year-old always meets life’s ups and downs head on, saying, “I want to be me and to be free.”

She soon learns that her defiance carries heavy consequences, when she’s attacked because she avoided discretion.

To protect her family, she buries her emotions, vowing never again to open herself to anyone. That is, until Cassius Russo comes into her life and confusion enters with him. An undercover FBI agent, he holds the key that will unshackle her from her fears and doubts, but only if she can accept his friendship and once more learn to trust.

Hiding and distrust have become habitual, but Mariana will die before she allows gun-running warlords to corrupt her most precious gift, her son, Michael.


The fate of two families has been entwined together by destiny.  The good and bad of fathers’ traits have somehow fallen upon the shoulders of their children.  With a touch of supernatural abilities, a sprinkling of mystery and a whole ton of love, Blind Focus by Margie Vieira is a thriller that will have you turning pages and wanting more!

This is a character driven story, where Mariana Castillo must unravel her fears and desires and learn to trust her abilities.  As a clairvoyant she is warned of danger, and this drives her to run away to protect the people she loves.  Something happened to her that haunts her dreams and keeps her from trusting men.  Vying for her affection are two men who love her, and her father who just wants to take care of her.  Like a leaf blown in the wind Mariana doesn’t know which way to turn, or who to trust.  Lies follow her everywhere, but she’s determined to see through them and discover the truth.

Theodore was there when she needed someone the most.  Her affection for him though is shrinking as she sees more of the world in which he moves.  Cassius the undercover FBI agent has worked his way into her heart, but his lies means she can’t trust him.  Will Mariana ever be able to let go of the past and move forward without fear?

There are some wonderful characters, and besides Mariana, I fell in love with Theodore’s autistic sister, Allison.  I felt she was portrayed with much love.  She comes across as not only a very talented violinist, but also with angelic innocence and inner beauty.   I’m also longing to visit ‘The Outskirts’ after the author did an amazing job describing the tranquility and homeliness of this bed and breakfast run by Cassius’s mum and sister.

Clear, short sentences make this book easy-to-read.  There’s a build-up to the story, like a pressure cooker, the plot simmers along drawing you closer and closer to its explosive finale.  Margie Vieira has presented us with a well-thought-out plot and great characters.  To me the ending was satisfying, like when you put that last piece into the jigsaw puzzle.  As a mystery/thriller the storyline was executed superbly.  As a romance you’ll love the happy ending!  Blind Focus by Margie Vieira comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Books and Reviews.

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(About the Author)

Margie Vieira lives in the San Joaquin Valley of California with her husband and three daughters. The simple life of farming and living out in the country has given her ample time to write. She also works four hours a day as a bilingual para-professional, working with second and third graders on phonics and literary comprehension. This is her third novel.

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