Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić – Book Review

Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić
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Alt="Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić"Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić

Charles Baudelaire, Rasputin, Anna Karenina, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Ophelia, Fyodor Dostoevsky, George Sand, Frederic Chopin, Vincent Van Gogh, Antonin Artaud, Maria Izquierdo, James Joyce, Federico Garcia Lorka, Salvador Dali.Can Rasputin find redemption through the sins of others? What awaits Anna Karenina on the other side? Does passion still flow through the veins of the lovers from Verona? Can Hamlet and Ophelia escape their fate? Is Van Gogh’s loneliness a blessing or a curse? And can Dali dispel Lorca’s fear. Eli Gilić deftly weaves fact and fiction to bring some of the world’s great writers, literary characters, artists and composers to life as they reach the heights of passion and the depths of despair in this mesmerizing erotic short story collection.

Book review:

Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić is brilliantly crafted book that will hold you in its embrace from start to finish. Weaving a magical tale around the lives of some of the most well-known artists, this powerful book stands as a timeless classic of our modern times.

Comprising of 11 stories, Slaves to Desire takes the reader on a meaningful journey into the lives and loves of some amazingly creative people. Some of these include Anna Karenina and Salvador Dali, along with some of Shakespeare’s famous characters, Romeo and Juliet and Ophelia and Hamlet. 

The author, Eli Gilić employs explicit sexual scenes to give us deeper meaning into the minds and emotional states of the protagonists. This is not undertaken in a flippant or casual manner. Instead, dark, somber and at times, relentless sadness and confusion are the motivations that drive their passions and desires. The author seems to be telling us that out of loss and deep melancholy great works of art are achieved. I found myself pondering the question as to whether the need to be loved and to express love is the one emotion that drives all creativity. 

As the reader turns each page, he or she will be met by scenes that may make them feel a bit uncomfortable. This should not be an excuse to put the book down, heaven forbid! For if we are not challenged then how do we grow? If we are not pushed out of our comfort zones then we will have no opportunity to make ourselves better human beings. This is one of those books that may affect and change you in ways you least expected. 

I was particularly struck by the quotes used to enhance this story. The author’s knowledge and care taken with them is indicative of the carefully crafted homage she has established in the masterful book. I’m sure Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić will become a favorite amongst readers who yearn for something deeper and more interesting in their lives. Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilić comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café with a special recognition to its extraordinarily beautiful book cover. Book reviewed by Susan Day.

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