Arrested Soul: Arrested Series Book 4 by H.L Nida

Arrested Soul: Arrested Series Book 4 by H.L. Nida
Series: Arrested

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I have to admit Brian’s Greek God good looks are pretty easy on the eyes. I’ve known him for years, yet, I’ve never seen him as anything more than the boisterous guy who works at the booking desk at the detention center. My best friend Simon from the U.K. comes to visit after my son gets sick, to ensure that we’re okay. After a few nights of wine and long talks he tells me I’m crazy because I’m still in love with my deceased husband. On top of that, he’s encouraging me to date again. The problem is, the only guy who’s interested in me is Brian, and he’s the biggest man-whore in the whole damn county! He’s attractive and his huge size and muscular physique are intriguing, but what he wants from me is probably not what I’m interested in. As a single mom, I don’t have time to date. Besides, my focus is on my children. Which is difficult working shift work as a cop in a very large and growing county just outside of Washington, D.C. Can someone you think you know, still surprise you and teach you to love again? Is there ever a right time to let your soul fly free after losing the love of your life? Arrested Soul is the fourth and final novel of the ARRESTED series.

Book review:

Arrested Soul is the dramatic conclusion to the fabulous Arrested Series by H.L. Nida. The characters in the series are remarkable and true to life. In this new release, the story is about Charlotte and Brian and their unique and thought-provoking individual struggles to overcome their past.

Author, H.L. Nida, pulls you in from the very beginning dropping you into the real world of Charlotte, who has two children and a remaining longing for Curt, her deceased husband. Although time has passed, she is stuck and unable to move on with her life. Then, a former acquaintance, Brian, comes into her life and challenges her to begin anew and learn to love again. Will they be able to overcome their past to have a future together?

H.L. Nida’s writing style is emotionally rich, and the 1st person narrative brings you within eavesdropping distance of the characters. Her expressive writing style held me captive as I turned the pages quickly and loved everything about this touching, entertaining and sexy story. The details surrounding the story are well-researched with an eye for conformity, especially in police procedures and marksmanship.

Arrested Soul is a captivating novel that explores the highs and lows of the human psyche. From the effects of childhood trauma and dealing with death, to the heights of sensual desire and pleasure – you’ll be on the edge of your seat as this story unfolds.

Arrested Soul by H.L. Nida is a well-written romantic suspense with twisty turns that you’ll not see coming. A must-read book which comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

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