The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett

The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett
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Alt="The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett"The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett 

* A fantasy ideally suited for adultsand teenagers, and anyone who loves Oz and flying over the rainbow *

There is a darkness brewing in the west and alarming rumors of dragons and an evil enchantress building an army to overthrow the Great Head of Oz. A demon fairy witch the Land of Oz hasn’t seen since Dorothy Gale destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West.

Soon to be sixteen-year-old Samantha Goodwitch, the daughter of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, knows she is disobeying her mother’s wishes when she leaves the castle to search for dragons, but she’d rather have an adventure than follow her mother’s command. When one of the Shadow Mountain Cats, Akasha, unexpectedly saves her life, the adventure turns deadly and a friendship grows between them.

But the rumors soon become real, and the freedom that had captured the hearts of the citizens of Oz is quickly unraveling. As the tensions mount and battles begin, Sam and Akasha find others who join them in the last Great War of Oz, to fight against the darkness that is devouring a once peaceful land.

*** A spectacular Ozarian adventure in the land of Oz ***

Book review:

Reading The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett in a busy cafe, I soon found myself being enveloped by this well-crafted tale. As I turned each page, I became more and more enthralled. I found minutes passed by quickly until they had amounted to hours and the noise and chaos of the busy street seemed to drift away. I was captured and entrapped, and it was wonderful.

The Good Witch of the South is a fantastic young adult fantasy that draws some of its inspiration from the classic book, The Wizard of Oz. The author used the original story created in 1902 as the basis for creating this amazing story. To this well-known tale, he adds layers of intrigue, adventure and excitement. Gone is the innocent version of Dorothy and her companions. Instead, T. C. Bartlett creates a believable fantasy world and a sophisticated and intelligent protagonist named Samantha, or Sam for short.

The story begins on the eve of war and Sam is enthusiastically preparing to join in. She is strong, determined, and like many teens, impatient and not necessarily obedient to her mother’s will. Sam longs to join her sister, Elle and fight the evil forces that are threatening the peaceful life in Quadling country. Without spoiling the plot, the reader will recognize references of the original Oz story sprinkled throughout this incredible original story.

Sam is a very likeable character and I have no doubt she will win the hearts of the intended young audience. In truth, I was impressed with how the author created such a powerful hero and role model. Don’t get me wrong, she is not perfect. At one point, she struggles to contain her jealousy for Elle, for example. However, it is her well-established personality, her willingness to learn and her sense of right that makes her such a significant role model.

I have no doubt that the teen reader, the book was intended for, will be captivated as much as I was with this alluring fantasy. It is intriguing and powerful. In fact, parents and grandparents alike will find it hard to put down. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The book cover is fabulous and created by the author himself T. C. Bartlett. The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café for readers of all ages!! Book reviewed by Susan Day for Chick Lit Café.

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