Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde by G S Felton

Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde by G S Felton
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Alt="Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde by G S Felton"Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde by G S Felton

Eleven-year-old Ellis Ring doesn’t know she’s been blessed by a god . . . or has she been cursed? All Ellis cares about is suddenly being saddled with boy whiz kid, Will Seabury, who won’t quit calling her Scamp! Well, maybe she did earn that nickname. But Ellis’s world quickly becomes unhinged, when her father reveals that she’s one of two people who can control a powerful ancient weapon. Things turn creepier as Ellis understands clues left behind by a sixteenth-century priest even if she’s not sure what an astrolabe and the Lusiads are yet! Ellis journeys to find a mythical place and discovers new friends, plays Pato, and drinks from the Vine of the Soul to fulfill a destiny that awaits her, but at what human cost? Is she doomed to an unalterable future, or can Ellis shape her own fate?

Book Review:

If you have a middle grader or teen who loves stories about legends, exciting treasure hunts, lost civilizations, faraway countries and cultures and young people out to save the world, Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde by G S Felton has it all!  And given the current challenges that parents have with finding ways to keep kids occupied, this is a fantastic book to read together, as both parents and children will find the story incredibly engaging. And if that isn’t interesting enough, the author based the book on the adventures of her own grandmother!

Ellis Ring is not your typical 11-year old. As the tale begins, we’re introduced to her and her new bodyguard, Will Seabury, a 14-year old prodigy from England. Ellis’s mother died when she was young and she’s been raised by her father Dr. Fred Ring, a brilliant archeologist, her equally brilliant Aunt Couns, eccentric Uncle Allan and the redoubtable Miss Frost. This eclectic group sets off on an adventure to South America, to help Ellis as she uncovers the mysteries of her background and her future. As Ellis begins to discover that she plays an important part in an ancient prophecy, she’ll also find that there are evil villains who will stop at nothing to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny. Ellis will forge unexpected and wonderful relationships along the way, each playing an important part of Ellis’s story. 

There are many facets of this book that I especially enjoyed. I really enjoyed the incredible historical aspects that take place during the 1920’s and the cultural tidbits that are meshed within the story. There’s actually a lot to learn in this book and the author has incorporated them so seamlessly into the narrative that you really aren’t aware that you’re learning so many interesting facts about new places and cultures. The story is rich with mythology and the adventure scenes are exciting, keeping the story moving along at a good pace. 

I absolutely loved the treasure hunt, and young readers are in for a great surprise!  These fun, clever clues are hidden in real places, all of which can be found on YouTube and seen with your own eyes!  A virtual treasure hunt for you to explore! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and recommend it to both younger and older readers! It is very well-written with amazing descriptions of exotic locales, vibrant characters and the nail-biting adventure will keep everyone turning the pages to the very end.

Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde by G S Felton comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

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