The Trial of Connor Padget by Carl Roberts – Book Review

The Trial of Connor Padget by Carl Roberts
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Alt="the trial of connor padget"The Trial of Connor Padget by Carl Roberts

Jack Carney’s life is unexpectedly put on hold. He is not a criminal lawyer, but his friend needs help. He remembers his time in Japan flying covert missions against the Russians. What would his flight crew think of him now? By comparison, his legal career lacks purpose. If he defends Connor, there will be consequences. His firm does not allow involvement in criminal cases. 

This is the story of a trial that changes the lawyer’s life. If you like a bit of legal intrigue laced with a touch of Southern culture and the drama of a trial, you’ll like this story.

A Five-Awards Winning Legal Mystery: an unusual lawyer, an unusual case, an unusual trial. Add the charm of South Louisiana and you have a legal mystery told with a twist — from inside the lawyer’s mind. –

-NIEA Finalist, Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention, Chanticleer Somerset Finalist, Contemporary Fiction Indie Reader Plus, Literary Titan Silver Award, and placement in Midwest Review’s Library.

Book review:

The Trial of Connor Padget by Carl Roberts is a 5-star courtroom drama.  How do we mete out a fair justice system when we sympathize with the accused?  And when it comes to murder is there ever a grey area over guilt?

There is a lot to enjoy about this book.  Two points need mentioning, character and setting.  If you enjoy character driven books, you are going to love this.  Meet Jack Carney, a thoroughly likable trial lawyer with just enough flaws to make him real.  He’s unassuming, a dreamer, a romantic and an optimist, and a man who is conservative with his words.  He’s also extremely loyal.  When his life-long friend commits murder and is filmed by the news crew doing so, there is no disputing his guilt.  Yet, Jack doesn’t believe Connor is a bad man, and sets out to convince the jury that Connor doesn’t deserve to spend forty years in prison – despite his crime.  Jack’s firm doesn’t agree with taking on the case and Jack puts friendship before all else and hands in his notice, not to the amusement of his wife!  Besides the people, the setting also makes this a great page-turner.  The location is brought to life as Roberts takes us on a leisurely stroll around the quaint and atmospheric Louisiana.  The court room scenes are engrossing and feel very real with the debate of what punishment fits a crime upon a man who instantly raises his hands and admits murder. It is very thought-provoking and excellently executed.

Carl Roberts writes in such a way as to put the reader at ease.  I flew through the pages and totally enjoyed the atmosphere created by well-defined characters and a superbly engaging backdrop of Southern Louisiana.  If you like books that champion the average man, have plots that are sleek, thrilling, captivating and intriguing, then The Trial of Connor Padget by Carl Roberts is a book that will not disappoint, and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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