Smothered by G.P. Gottlieb – Book Review

Smothered by G.P. Gottlieb
Series: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery

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Alt="smothered by galit gottlieb book review"Smothered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery by G.P. Gottlieb

Alene Baron doesn’t go looking for mysteries, they find her. When the highly disliked owner of a business neighboring the Whipped and Sipped Cafe turns up dead, the list of potential suspects is pretty long, including all of the members of his quarrelsome family. Missing wills, convenient accidents, and enough red herring to feed the lunch crowd spice up this tantalizing tale. As always, while pondering the evidence, Alene also comes up with creative vegan dishes to serve her customers and share with you.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

A whodunit with quirky characters and a marvelous mix of mystery and mayhem, Smothered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery by G.P. Gottlieb is a cozy mystery to delight!  

G.P. Gottlieb writes in such a way as to invite you into her extended family.  There are a plethora of delightful characters in the book, and the Whipped and Sipped Café is a melting pot of curious, delightful and diverse people that add wonderful depth to this story.  Center stage is Alene Baron, boy what a woman!  With a new boyfriend and all the sensations that come with that, with kids with problems, a distant sister and a dad with deteriorating health, Alene’s life, it’s fair to say, it’s not always a bed of roses.  While juggling numerous plates she offers everyone a helping hand and a listening ear, all with a smile.  Her thoughts are honest and humorous which make our heroine extremely likable.  Offering a cool haven from the sizzling temperatures of a Chicago summer, the café has a relaxing, cinnamon enthused atmosphere enticing people in to taste not only their wonderful home-baked wares but to relax in the lovely family atmosphere.  A place of comfort and calm… that is until the fireworks start!  Ever since the shady owner of Better-Be-Fit is found dead nerves are on end and tempers rising.  Why was he killed?  All the reasons are unraveled slowly, jealousy, greed and revenge with a host of suspects.  Alene tries to stay out of it, really she does, but somehow in her very busy life she keeps coming across clues.  Will she sit back and let her new beau, homicide detective Frank Shaw, take the lead?  What do you think?

G.P. Gottlieb’s characters are endearing, and the tone of the book is lighthearted making this a very enjoyable cozy mystery read.  Smothered by G.P. Gottlieb comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Books & Reviews.

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