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Unclean Hands by Henry Rakowski
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Unclean Hands is set in 1996, when Tyler Greenspan, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, and his best friend, David Levine, are recruited by the International Jewish Congress to investigate the cover-up after World War II by Swiss banks’ closing dormant bank accounts opened by victims of the Holocaust. After gaining access to a long forgotten vault in Geneva, they find a gold ingot with a swastika along with documents that indict the Swiss banking industry of the wrongs and they report their findings to the IJC. Confronted by the evidence, the Swiss banking industry agrees to fund a Holocaust Victims’ fund that will be administered by the United Nations. Now Tyler and David find themselves being targeted for death. They learn a shadowy organization seeks vengeance after its leader blames them for his decision to commit suicide—A decision triggered by the findings resulting from Tyler and David’s investigation into the Swiss banking industry. After meeting the love of his life in the form of a stunningly beautiful Mossad agent, Tyler finds himself part of a larger international team assigned to prevent the resurrection of a malevolence hell-bent on becoming a superpower. Tyler learns that one of history’s most vile figures has filed a competing claim with the Holocaust Victim’s fund, despite having unclean hands, and vows to preserve the claim funds for Holocaust victims. Tyler, David and the granddaughters of Holocaust figures embark to complete the investigation and race to locate Adolf Hitler’s personal hoard of hidden gold. Recent revelations demonstrated that the history taught to us about the reported death of Adolf Hitler has been inaccurate. These include DNA evidence from Hitler’s bones retrieved from a KGB vault, declassified FBI files and re-discovered transcripts from the Nuremberg trials. Based upon the research, it is as likely that Hitler survived the fall of Berlin as it is that he perished there.

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If you’re like me, you may know a bit about WW II history, based on what they teach you in the classroom. But what if that’s not the whole story, and the history books got it wrong? Unclean Hands by Henry Rakowski is a chilling tale of possibilities, based on actual fact.

Set in the mid-1990s, Unclean Hands is the story of Tyler Greenspan and David Levine, college-aged grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, who are serving as research interns for the International Jewish Congress. While investigating some defunct safety deposit vaults in Switzerland, they discover documents and artifacts proving that the contents once belonged to Jewish customers who were killed during the Nazi regime in WWII. Using these documents to prove that the Swiss bankers purchased from the Nazis gold and valuables belonging to Jewish families during the War, Tyler and David help the Congress set up the Holocaust Victims Fund, costing the Swiss banking industry billions and giving the industry a black reputation. Unbeknownst to them, the boys are now in the crosshairs of deadly villains who remain from the Third Reich, led by an unexpected reminder of Hitler’s legacy, who will stop at nothing to bring the Nazis to power once more. Tyler and David, working with international agencies and some unexpected allies, race against the clock to keep the world from being torn apart again.

As much a cautionary tale as a thriller, Unclean Hands brings to light another horrible facet of the Jewish people’s reality during WW II. Forced to not only give up their dignity, Jewish families were stripped of all their wealth before being forced into ghettos and shipped off to concentration camps. Using the incredible and disturbing facts about the reprehensible pact between the Swiss bankers and the Nazis, author Henry Rakowski has created a tale rich in history and insight. It shows the breadth of human determination to cling to their beliefs and the lengths they’ll go to preserve them – whether good or bad. The characters of Tyler and David, along with their allies, make the reader thankful that there are people with the moral backbone to stand for what is right, regardless of the cost to themselves.

An exciting ride across decades and continents, Unclean Hands by Henry Rakowski is recommended for history buffs and thrill-seekers alike. Delving into true events to embellish an alternate reality, this story will make you rethink what you know and consider a terrifying ‘what if”? Unclean Hands by Henry Rakowski is an incredibly good read and comes highly recommended!!

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