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Anonymity by Rachel Martin
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RHODES: I will choose a Captain for my mission. I don’t expect said “Captain” to be excited for her role. I must make a thoughtful choice–one who is a shepherd to many sheep. The greater the numbers, the more impactful the revolution…

Abel Rhodes has created the perfect alias: a genius brain surgeon with a socialite wife and adopted daughter. No one would suspect him of wanting to rid society of its entitlement, and no one would dare to imagine his sinister fetish for blood. 

MERLOT: “Can’t you just let me out, Doc? We can do all the playing your heart desires.” I know this won’t work, but I’ve got to play the dumb girl, and get him off my trail.

Merlot is the perfect captive. She’s beautiful, charismatic, and most importantly, she’s a social media influencer with a large enough following to make Dr. Rhodes’s dark dreams come true. But she has a secret he doesn’t know… and she’s not going down without a fight.

“Anonymity is as if Dexter and Fifty Shades of Gray had a twisted baby. A warped, psychotic offspring of the deadliest kind. The characters both good and bad are fully developed and unnervingly realistic. The fast-moving plot proves to be impossible to put down.” – Laura Hartman, Reedsy Discovery

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

 Anonymity by Rachel Martin is a suspenseful tale that explores the nefarious persona of a psychopath.  Gritty, with an ‘on the edge of your seat’ plot, and with fully believable characters this is a superb psychological thriller.

In this enthralling novel there is intrigue from the very first page.  Abel Rhodes is a thoroughly admirable brain surgeon, an attentive husband and a father to an adopted daughter.  He lives in the best part of town and encourages his wife to work with charities.  He’s also an extremely good looking psychopath completely lacking in empathy.  He set out at an early age to create a persona that he could hide behind, and he succeeded because the world sees Abel Rhodes as the man who has it all… he however, sees himself for the deviant he is.

Merlot is a mystery, who has unfortunately caught the eye of blood-lusting Abel.  He masterfully weaves a web into which he draws her.  He takes his time, plans every last detail.  Like a lamb to the slaughter she enters his domain.  But Merlot is no open book, and there are things about her she doesn’t let anyone know.  Will her past save her future?  And if it is a battle of wills, then maybe Abel has taken on more than he can chew?

Rachel Martin has launched her writing career with a stunning thriller.  The novel looks deep into the darkest side of humanity and explores the reasoning behind abduction and murder.  I can’t wait for book two to find out what happens next!  This is a first-rate novel; dark, gripping and totally engrossing, Anonymity by Rachel Martin comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.  

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Anonymity by Rachel Martin

 Adult Psychological Thriller, Mystery Thriller and Suspense, Crime, Vigilante Justice, Kidnap Romance

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