Chicken Chook: A greedy bird that likes to cook by Sally Mooney

Chicken Chook: A greedy bird that likes to cook by Sally Mooney
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Alt="chicken chook"Chicken Chook: A greedy bird that likes to cook by Sally Mooney

A very funny picture book with rhyming text for kids aged 2-6 years.  It is about learning to share, patience and eating well!

You and your kids will fall in love with the two main characters, Chicken Chook and Rob the Rabbit.  The illustrations are superb and the poetic nature of the book makes reading it out loud, as much fun as hearing it read.

Chicken Chook is a very greedy bird that loves to cook. He is also very clumsy!  His friend, Rob the Rabbit is a little more sensible and well mannered.  One day, when having a picnic together, Chicken Chook has some hilariously funny and crazy mishaps due to his greediness.

A few lines from the book:-

When eating out with his friend called Rob
They start to munch on a corn on the cob

Don’t eat it all,’ says Rob with a glare
“You know it’s good manners to always share.”

Chook tucks in with a bite and a tear
And all of a sudden it flew up in the air

WHOOSH goes the cob up high in the sky….
It falls straight down, hitting Chook in the eye

‘OUCH that hurt,’ said poor Chook
‘Well you shouldn’t be so greedy,’ said Rob with a look

After more mishaps, there is no food left to eat, so Rob suggests they go home to cook a meal. Chook is delighted as this is his most favorite thing to do.  Chook learns about sharing and patience from his friend Rob.  Together they make a vegetable pie as all new foods they like to try!   Kids will also have fun naming the vegetables that go into making the pie.  The story ends well with Chook and Rob feeling happy and full.

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Book Review

Chicken Chook – what a hoot!  Fabulously fun and entertaining for children aged 2-6.  With charming illustrations and a story with morals, Chicken Chook: A greedy bird that likes to cook by Sally Mooney is a wonderful addition to every child’s bookshelf.

Meet Chicken Chook, he’s a rather greedy little fellow and slightly lacking in manners.  He’s a big bird with a big personality!  With no manners he dives into the food without a thought for sharing.  Phew, thank goodness for his friend Rabbit Rob, who instead of stomping off decides to show his friend a better way.  As a mom of four boys I treasure meal times.  They are the time we sit down as a family, talk and enjoy one another.  This joy is enriched when all of my lads take an interest in what goes on before we sit down.  Cooking together turns out to be almost as important as the actual sitting down together. Chicken Chook is a great way to introduce to children at a really young age several things.  Firstly, it is not OK to be greedy, nor is alright not to share what you have.  Secondly, through the kindness and patience of Rabbit Rob they are able to see how friendship is important.  And lastly, they can see that both cooking and eating can be fun.  With all these topics this is a good way to ask children questions and get them thinking.  I love the colorful illustrations, they are simply charming and fun, I also appreciated the background details that help to bring them alive.  The rhyming text is easy to read aloud and lots of fun.  Chicken Chook is a beautiful little book to introduce children to manners and the joy of cooking, but maybe more importantly, the joy of sharing.

Sally Mooney has created a wonderful picture-story book which is useful for family discussions on manners, friendship and behavior.  As well as introducing children into the joy of cooking and sharing food.  Chicken Chook: A greedy bird that likes to cook by Sally Mooney is a delightful, fun and entertaining read. Children will certainly love this story and fun book. Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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