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Transition Time: A Veterans Guide to a Thriving Transition by Jacob Cox
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Find your ideal post-military career, and build wealth so you don’t always need it. Transition Time is a resource for service members and veterans, providing sound principles to help current and former military members thrive throughout their transition process–whenever that day arrives. Read it now, and let other veterans know about Transition Time!

Some service members know the end is coming; they choose it. Others have it forced upon them. Regardless of how it arrives, if you are a service member, your military journey will one day end. It is a milestone. What follows is a new adventure filled with new opportunities and difficulties too.

Post-military life adheres to its own rules and expectations that can cause the unprepared to stumble. This next phase can also be highly fulfilling and prosperous for those who are ready. Fortunately, your planning can start today, wherever you are in your military career, and ensure your post-military years are rewarding ones.

Speaking of plans, do you have one? If not, this book will help you create it. Moreover, it offers guidance to ensure your transition plan creates opportunities for you to thrive during your next adventure. After all, this isn’t just a book about transitioning from the military. It is about moving you closer to financial independence and giving you the freedom to pursue the things that really matter.

Transition Time takes you beyond your transition and into a thriving new life. So, just keep reading. It’s transition time!

Chick Lit Café Review:

The subtitle of Transition Time neatly sums up this great handbook – A Veterans Guide to a Thriving Transition.  Packed with practical advice and wisdom, Jacob Cox’s book will not only help readers to navigate from veteran to citizen, but will ensure the reader a smooth journey and a prosperous future.   

The encyclopedia worth of knowledge carefully packed into this book could be life-changing to a lot of people.  Written exclusively for military members who are about to leave service and enter civilian life, the guidance inside the pages is invaluable.  First, Jacob asks the reader, ‘do you know what you want to do?’  Then he shows you how to work out what’s within you, drawing out the information to help you realize what you can do and what you want to do; then he leads you into creating your resume and that all important ‘elevator pitch.’  Following on from that is job hunting, and the skills to get you through interviews.  Lastly, he shows ways to create wealth and offers advice on where to put your money.  The whole package is designed to help veterans progress from one world to another.  Jacob covers: terminology, possibilities, useful resources and guides.  He has included exercises to get you pointed in the right direction.  This book is specific, extensive, smart and precise, and it has been put together with the sole aim of helping readers thrive in their new lives.

Jacob Cox has poured his experience and intensive research into this comprehensive guide, to help people prepare for a world outside of the Services.  Practical, easy-to-follow and a confidence builder, for veterans getting ready to transition.

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