The Forgotten God by Andrew Rylands – Book Review

The Forgotten God (The Reawakening Book 1) by Andrew Rylands.
Series: The Reawakening #1

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Alt="the forgotten god"The Forgotten God (The Reawakening Book 1) by Andrew Rylands

He’s lived way more than nine lives. Pursuing his stolen girlfriend may make this one the last.

Delphi, Greece. A magically trapped god. A stolen lover. And a mystical war on the verge of exploding.

Apollo wants to forget his past as an Olympian god. Trapped in a feline body with magically repressed memories should get him what he wants…

But when humans kidnap his lover from their temple grounds, he sets out on a journey to Athens to track her down, determined to rescue her from a horrible fate. However, little does he know that he’s on a collision course with two immortal-led gangs and another deity seeking an artefact that might resurrect the gods’ ancient power. Now, he’s in a race to find his girl—but can he save her without bringing down the entire pantheon in the process?

The Forgotten God is the captivating first book in the Reawakening contemporary fantasy series. If you like fast-paced plots, high stakes, and modern twists on mythology, then you’ll love Andrew Rylands’ inventive tale. Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Let The Forgotten God bring light to Mt. Olympus again!

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

In The Forgotten God (The Reawakening Book 1) by Andrew Rylands, the characters are charming, fierce, unrelenting and whimsical. Their fascinating journey is adventurous and a lot of fun and will appeal to a wide audience.

The story begins in modern-day Greece where the old gods of the past are living a casual, idyllic life as cats. They inhabit the ancient ruins of Delphi, and spend their days sleeping, begging for food and following the tourists around.

Our hero is an ancient Greek god, but not just any god. This tale centers on Apollo, one of the more complex and intriguing of the Greek gods. In his heyday, he was responsible for good luck in sailing, medicine, archery, music, dance; the list goes on.

The Apollo in this story is a cat, a ginger one, and although once a great god and son of Zeus, this Apollo has forgotten much of his impressive history and has been seduced into the life of a lazy feline by the sun and the holiday atmosphere of Greece.

However, he is shaken out of this dream-like state when his favorite companion, Olympia, is ‘eaten’ by a car and whisked away by its occupiers. Not knowing what has become of her, Apollo and his friends set out on a mission to rescue her. They begin their travels by bus to Athens and the plot moves very quickly from there.

Apollo comes face to face with a variety of bad guys, one of whom wants to resurrect the powers of the old gods and bring them back. Now wouldn’t that be fun?!

This is a wonderfully written story that will captivate and entrance its readers. Andrew Rylands is an expert, a wordsmith at his best. Not only that, but the story has dramatic and interesting twists and turns that makes it one of the best page-turners to be published. The Forgotten God is also a testament to author Andrew Rylands wonderful imagination.

Does Apollo save Olympia and regain is power and status as a god? You’ll find no plot spoilers here. Let’s just say, you’ll need a good, long, lazy afternoon and a jug of coffee because there is little doubt, you won’t be able to put this book down. Book reviewed by S. Day for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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