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Alt="The Gallucci Gallery"The Gallucci Gallery by K.B. Richards – Book & Review

Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bianca attempts to rescue her kidnapped children while being hunted for a murder she did or didn’t commit.

Bianca Gallucci is enjoying her life when a mysterious man named Pascal shows up at her gallery, leaving a puzzling gift. Days later, she is confronted and asked to return a stolen painting, The Sea of Galilee to its rightful owner. Bianca denies all involvement before her children’s lives is threatened. And that’s when her other personality surfaces.

She plans an escape, dismissing all warnings before her children are abducted. Pascal forces her to comply but has more demands. He wants her to kill someone in they both know in law enforcement.

A web of lies and deceit surfaces as she embraces her split personality to unveil the truth behind the twisted plot orchestrated by the people she least expected. How does she get her children back while being hunted by the authorities for allegedly murdering a police officer? Which personality is possibly guilty?

The Gallucci Gallery is by any means a unique and jaw-dropping rollercoaster of a novel.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

In the absorbing psychological thriller, The Gallucci Gallery by K.B. Richards, an accomplished gallery owner faces her traumatic past while being pursued by ruthless criminals.

Bianca “Bea” Gallucci is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder following the triggering appearance of Pascal, a man who resembles her father. As Bea learns that her past is entangled with his, he lures her into a deadly trap. Caught between a world of fierce criminals, Bea hopes to save her abducted children. She struggles to gain control of her mind from her other personality adopted from her dead sister, Elizabeth.

In the novel, Bea’s two personalities are juxtaposed to reveal two distinct fascinating personalities. Both play a critical role in escaping Bea from the trap she is dragged into. Compared to Bea’s more compassionate, unsuspecting nature, Elizabeth is vicious, calculating, and unafraid. She looks out for Bea when she faces her attackers. Secondary characters are used to introduce gripping twists to the story. As stakes rise, their motives are revealed. Elizabeth urges Bea not to trust anyone. The story’s twisting plot makes it an entertaining read. New details emerge as Bea discovers more about her past. While on the run after being accused of a serious crime, she is also rushing to rescue her children. Bea and Pascal’s lives are also connected by a common event; the theft of a painting that Pascal is after. The plot about the missing painting anchors the story. It brings together the characters and sub-plots within the book. The novel is packed with numerous entertaining action scenes. Driven by anger, Bea’s other personality, Elizabeth, enables her to confront and escape from her villains. Her desperation to reach her children also fuels her pursuit.

The Gallucci Gallery by K.B. Richards is a swift-paced urban thriller with an original storyline. It stands out for its tense, suspenseful plot driven by interesting complex characters and its intriguing and unexpected scenes and plot. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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The Gallucci Gallery

About K.B. Richards

K.B. Richards was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where he began writing as a child. Later on, life as a fine artist, work in the entertainment industry, and studies in psychology helped nurture and cultivate his creative expansion into a riveting psychological page-turner. Richards delves into his protagonist’s fractured mind as well as his reader’s for an unforgettable roller coaster experience. He writes in the mornings, has a dog named Burger, and is a coffee, pizza, and bourbon aficionado. The Gallucci Gallery is his first novel.


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