Hold the Apocalypse – Pass Me A Scientist Please by Bob Lorentson

Hold the Apocalypse Pass Me A Scientist Please by Bob Lorentson
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A terrified yet occasionally optimistic environmental scientist takes a humorous look at the science behind the human and animal behaviors that make a doomed planet so interesting.

If you’ve ever wanted to get the real dirt on forest bathing without getting muddied, or on animal arsonists without getting burned, or on DIY transcranial Direct Current Stimulation without risking all those excitable neurons that already have one foot out the door, then this is the book for you. Should you be of the type, however, that has found life’s little pleasures interrupted of late by the loud ticking of the Doomsday Clock, put in some earplugs, because it’s not yet too late to have a good laugh while you learn about ‘Cat Research for Dummies,’ ‘Brain Wars – the Gender Variations,’ or ‘Boredom – It’s Not Just for the Boring.’

In these fifty essays, Bob Lorentson humorously uses science, philosophy, psychology, history, and even poetry to examine a myriad of curious subjects while waiting for the collapse of civilization.

Book review:

If you had thought the end of the world was nigh, you were probably right, but as the author suggests in this clever collection of short stories, why not smile about it anyway? This book will not only make you laugh, but it will open your eyes to some very important and pertinent topics of our time.

The reader is taken on a hilarious journey through the history of mankind; why coyotes make terrible pets and the age-old question, are men and women’s brains that different, and ends with a brief but important explanation about the function of the Doomsday Clock.

Lorentson tackles some other hard-hitting facts too. For instance, the point that our brains lose 60 neurons, or nerve cells, every minute, and that the skin we shed at a phenomenal rate hasn’t disappeared so much as it has been accumulating on our furniture! His poem bemoaning this fact makes salient reading and it, along with his other wonderful poems, add to the novelty of this brilliant and engaging book.

Using the analogy of the Hokey Pokey dance, Lorentson prepares us for the end of days, the ultimate apocalypse, by succinctly explaining why world leaders keep fiddling about with the hands of the Doomsday Clock and that ‘shakin’ it all about’ might not be as useful for the preservation of our world as one might have initially thought.

While the reader may feel that we are heading for doom and gloom, and they are right, this book demonstrates how it is going to happen and why. Just so the reader is clear. Then it makes the reader laugh in spite of it all!

These short stories are well written with a brilliant narrative style and a satirical overtone. They are well researched and not the concoctions of a madman, but rather an excellent writer with a scientific and humorist eye.

This is a must read book. You won’t read about many of the interesting and significant topics of this book anywhere else, certainly not collected and bound together as neatly as this.

When one steps back and contemplates the purpose behind this book, it is apparent that it would be best to read it sooner rather than later. While it will provide you with a great deal of logic, lucidity and information – you will also get a good laugh out of it, and as we all know, laughter is the best medicine, but sadly, not a cure-all. However, this is one book that must be read and is highly entertaining, thought-provoking and downright apropos to our day and age. Don’t miss out – Chick Lit Café recommends Hold the Apocalypse Pass Me A Scientist Please by Bob Lorentson to all readers.

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