Where Will We Go?: A Sequel by Emily Craig – Book Review

Where Will We Go?: A Sequel by Emily Craig
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Alt="where will we go"Where Will We Go?: A Sequel by Emily Craig 

Two years of marriage ruined by one drunken mistake.

Lucy’s story is not yet over. In the sequel Where Will We Go?, Lucy Berry is faced with new challenges that will both excite and challenge her. Newly divorced from her high school sweetheart David, she is plunged into a new world where David is now engaged to his mistress while she has to navigate a life after love and heartbreak.

Just when Lucy is feeling unworthy of happiness, a silver lining presents itself. She lands her dream job as a travel writer. Follow aspiring author Lucy as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery with her best friends by her side. Witness as she blissfully immerses herself in French culture while hitting all of Paris’ hot spots for her new job. Laugh along while she helps throw an epic murder mystery birthday bash. Most of all, join Lucy as she transforms her self-doubt to self-love, ending a tragic year with the surprise of her life.

Will Lucy finally leave David in the past or will he continue to haunt her dreams?

Chick Lit Cafe’s book review:

Where Will We Go?: A Sequel offers the reader a personal and yet raw insight into a world of heartbreak and pain, of loss and eventually, of recovery. And yet, it is a fun book that is enjoyable, rewarding and at times, funny. Skillfully written by author Emily Craig, readers won’t be able to put this book down.

Our protagonist is Lucy Berry. She is a smart woman who married her childhood sweetheart and thought that part of her life was set. Sadly, fate intervened, and she finds herself divorced, grieving and alone.

Many, if not all, readers will find something in this book that resonates with their own life. Heartbreak, loneliness and the unswerving drive for companionship has driven many of us to do crazy things. Through Lucy, readers will discover what is unique and special within themselves and in others.

Lucy’s two friends, Jenny and Michael, play an integral part in helping her move forward after her divorce, but they hadn’t met when the book began. Their meeting to discuss Lucy’s new writing career and overseas trip is one of the delights of this book. It showcases the author’s amazing ability to craft dialogue and helps set the tone for the rest of the narrative.

Written in the first person, Lucy lets the reader into her innermost thoughts. Of course, she is excited about traveling to Paris, but niggling doubts break through the surface and force her to contemplate the circumstances that caused her to get to this point. Writing first person narrative is not easy, but Craig does it with an admirable skill and aplomb.

In Where Will We Go?: A Sequel, the reader shares the life of a character they will soon love and want to spend more time with. Lucy is engaging, clever and, most importantly, vulnerable. It is the sense of having been made to feel weak and defenseless that we suffer with her but celebrate her journey to emotional liberation that every reader will identify with and celebrate.

One intriguing aspect of this book is the fact that it is hard to put down. It moves fast, taking the reader on an exciting journey. But does she go back to her husband or find love elsewhere? The outcome is a delight to read. This book is sure to become a favorite amongst book lovers, romantics and book clubs. Read it and share it with your friends, they will thank you for it. Chick Lit Café highly recommends Where Will We Go?: A Sequel by Emily Craig. Book reviewed by S. Day for Chick Lit Cafe book reviews for most all genres.

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