The Joshua Project by Janis Hutchinson

The Joshua Project by Janis Hutchinson
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How can you impact your children–and their children–more effectively for Christ? Research shows that traditional methods of instilling faith in God are no longer effective in today’s culture. Many high school graduates are leaving the faith and being swept into moral and spiritual chaos. But there is an answer to this crisis: In The Joshua project, Hutchinson presents step-by-step instructions and illustrations in an updated version of the three-fold plan mandated by God to Joshua, empowering parents and grandparents to effectively pass along their legacy of faith. Through her own and other personal faith stories, the author shows that there are realistic solutions that the reader can use to enhance and strengthen their own loved one’s faith.

Chick Lit Cafe book review:

Janis Hutchinson forwards timely and practical ways for passing on faith from generation to generation in her Christian guidebook, The Joshua Project: Three Overlooked Biblical Strategies for Parents and Grandparents to Strengthen Their Family’s Faith.

According to statistics, many young people are leaving their Christian faith. Though modern culture and current ideologies are having considerable influence on the youth, many still acknowledge that their parents and grandparents have a greater capacity to influence their lives. Unfortunately, many grandparents do not know how they can pass on their faith to their grandchildren. The Joshua Project shows how this can be achieved through its three-stage plan.

Derived from the biblical book of Joshua, the book lays out a proven method of passing down faith. It involves collecting, recording, and creating memorials of personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness just as Joshua preserved the Israelites’ testimonies of what God had done, for future generations. Through Hutchinson’s encouraging personal accounts and her grandchildren’s moving responses, the book recognizes the critical role that grandparents can play in inspiring faith in their grandchildren who, in turn, are inspired to create their own lists. The strategies it proposes are organized into a step-by-step plan with details and suggestions that are accessible and can be utilized by any parent or grandparent. Each step explained is backed by scriptures that support the plan and emphasize the older generations’ role in passing on their experiences. The suggestions included for each exercise are also fun and there is room for individual creativity. Hutchinson includes many of her testimonies about God’s intervention in her life. The testimonies are inspiring and they prove God’s love and concern. They also show God’s involvement in our lives.

The Joshua Project by Janis Hutchinson offers a Bible-based approach to maintaining and preserving stories of faith for future generations. It is a must-read for every parent and grand-parent looking for detailed, actionable strategies for building a legacy of faith and instilling faith in their children and future generations. The most important thing in our lives is our faith in the Lord. Chick Lit Café is proud and highly recommends The Joshua Project by Janis Hutchinson. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café book reviews, author spotlights & promotions..

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