The Centurion Witness by Ed Mitchell

The Centurion Witness by Ed Mitchell
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The centurion is a seasoned warrior of Rome’s frontier army, decorated for saving the lives of ambitious generals, yet haunted by the harm he caused during a recent battle. His last assignment is to again be a bodyguard for the powerful. Quickly he is entangled in the security conflicts between Rome’s governor in Judea and its religious leaders who want Jesus of Galilee killed for sedition. The immediate political and religious struggle for control of the body of Jesus propels the centurion to guard his tomb.

CLC Book Review:

Centurion Witness: A Tale of Resurrection and Redemption by Ed Mitchell is a profound, uplifting historical fiction novel with meaningful themes, told through the moving story of an authentic and memorable character.

Calix, a wounded Roman Centurion officer close to retiring, hopes to accomplish eight good deeds to stop a curse ravaging his body from killing him. Tormented by a past cruel action that led to the curse, Calix believes he is unforgivable. He hears of Jesus of Nazareth; a man condemned to death for crimes he did not commit. In the days leading to his death and resurrection, Jesus speaks about repentance, hope, and the forgiveness of sins. In the midst of his torment and angst, Calix learns there is still hope left for him.

The novel’s setting is a brilliant portrayal of 1st Century Palestine’s political landscape into which Jesus is born. Through gripping scenes about skirmishes between the Romans and Persians, the constant Jewish uprisings against Roman rule and through beautiful descriptions of the scenery, Ed Mitchell brings the background and the setting of the story to vivid life. The story is driven by a believable main character who struggles with common recognizable human issues of guilt and hopelessness. Author Ed Mitchell creatively develops other characters around the Centurion including Seneca, a cadet officer from a privileged background who is placed under Calix. Their humorous conversations enliven and ease the tension of the novel. Ed Mitchell impressively links the teachings of Jesus and the events covered in the Gospel accounts with Calix’s story about finding hope, redemption and healing. There are many unexpected and astonishing scenes in the novel such as tense battle scenes, unexpected public and personal conflicts and political quarrels. Overall, the novel is well-written with excellent character development and expressive writing that brings a wonderful exploration of important themes covered in the Gospel. It covers such themes without being dogmatic and in a way that all readers can relate to.

The Centurion Witness by Ed Mitchell is a powerful biblical fictional story that examines important, relevant and relatable themes of suffering, sorrow, hope, and ultimately – redemption and joy. It revisits the Gospel in a fresh, compelling, exciting and captivating way. The Centurion Witness by Ed Mitchell comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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The Centurion Witness by Ed Mitchell
for best Christian, Historical & Biblical Fiction
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner
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