The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium
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Alt="the bush clinic"The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

A space colonization story about seeking independence and home rule in the face of corporate greed. Tribal women bind together in a war zone where they are discounted as not important enough to save or keep safe.

On Dolvia, Lt. Mike Shaw demands Dr. Greensboro’s doctoring skills at the hospital, forcing the closure of her bush clinic. She witnesses forced labor, forced migration, and the threat of an epidemic from bad water. She sees how tribal women–often wearing burkas–find solutions for saving the children in a conflict zone, and she commits to their cause for Home Rule.

Brianna Miller is an isolated girl–a mixed-blood orphan–among the Dolviet tribes. With the lessons from Dr. Greensboro, the abuse from soldiers, the sisterhood among victims, Brianna prepares for a future she will choose for herself. But first she must travel off world.

 Book review:

In her new bold, intriguing science fiction novel, The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars, Stella Atrium examines relevant themes about subjugation, resilience and sisterhood in a human-dominated planet scarred by conflict and greed.

Set during a time when humans have found ways to inhabit and colonize other planets, the story follows research doctor, Edwina Greensboro, as she fights to have a voice in society, along with other women in Dolvia. She establishes her clinic in Mekucoo land and builds an academy for the tribes in Dolvia. She is invited to a local feast where she meets Brianna Miller, a young girl considered an outsider for her mixed heritage. Brianna suffers violence and abuse in a society that devalues women. Still, she is determined to learn and fight for her place.

Atrium skillfully showers the story with rich detail that places readers right at the heart of the conflicts in Dolvia. The devastating effects of colonization and intertribal wars are described right from the start of the novel. We are introduced to Dolvia’s refugee camps which are rife with outbreaks and the tragic effects of malnutrition. In her clinic, Greensboro comes face to face with the devastating impact of intertribal wars. Uncanny parallels are drawn between Dolvia and our current society: the planet is marred by rapacious corporations, political repression, gender oppression, and cultural differences and conflict. The similarities included lead to important and timely lessons applicable to our world about equality. Greensboro and Brianna are outstanding characters and both feel authentic. The story is told first from Greensboro’s perspective, and later, through Brianna’s, which offers a clear picture of who they are and what they are fighting for. Other captivating characters include Edna and Edwina, Greensboro’s pet Gualareps, a reptilian species imported from another planet. Their interactions with Greensboro and other characters enliven the story.

An extraordinary writing style with a blend of intricate world-building, expressive vivid and detailed descriptions and excellent, interesting and some very intriguing characters, The Bush Clinic by Stella Atrium is an exciting and inviting start to The Tribal Wars series and a compelling novel that every reader and all fantasy and sci-fi fans will love and be entertained by. . Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Bush Clinic by Stella Atrium. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Cafe.

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The Bush Clinic: Book I of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium
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