MacKenzie’s Last Run by Gayle Rosengren

MacKenzie’s Last Run  by Gayle Rosengren
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Alt="mackenzie's last run"MacKenzie’s Last Run by Gayle Rosengren

Thirteen-year-old MacKenzie (Mac) Lawrence blames himself for his father’s death. He has pulled away from everyone, even his twin sister Tessa. When Mom announces her plans to remarry, Mac is furious and runs away in an attempt to force her to break off the engagement.

Unfortunately, nothing goes as Mac plans. He ends up seriously injured, miles from home, and unable to call for help. Tessa sets out on a desperate search to find him. But she’d better hurry, because Mac is running out of time.

Book Review:

MacKenzie’s Last Run by Gayle Rosengren is an extraordinary, adventurous, award worthy, middle grade survival fiction novel that is exciting, relevant, enthralling and highly recommended for children ages 11 & up.

Mac and his twin sister have been down one of life’s toughest roads—the loss of a parent. In, MacKenzie’s Last Run, Mac and Tessa rediscover the ties that bind them—not only to each other, but to the adults in their lives as well. When Mac’s father was killed in a mall shooting, Mac and Tessa’s worlds quickly changed.  Rather than leaning on each other, each twin handled the loss in his or her own way.  When their mom announced her new engagement at Easter dinner, Mac decides to do something drastic to end his mom’s engagement and to get his family back.  However, after Mac runs away from home, one event after another occurs preventing him from returning to his family—possibly forever. 

Gayle Rosengren has created characters who are real and who young readers will care about.  I loved her exciting and intense take on the survival genre and the way she told the story in alternating storylines between Mac and Tessa.  I loved her writing even more—she effortlessly wove connections between each twin subtly at the beginning and then gradually becoming more and more obvious as the plot picked up.  I also loved how each character is battling demons that they can’t seem to exorcise until their story arc has come full circle.  Each character feels like a real human—complete with flaws and strengths, just like many young readers have. 

If you’re looking for a middle grade, teen or young adult book that will take you through a range of feelings; that will keep you turning page after page, unable to put it down, then this is the perfect book to pick up! Gayle Rosengren’s, MacKenzie’s Last Run by Gayle Rosengren is a beautiful tribute to the ties that bind us – as well as the persistence and strength that exists inside us.  

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