Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy by Edward. M. Hochsmann – Book Review

Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy by Edward. M. Hochsmann
Series: Engage at Dawn

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Alt="engage at dawn"Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy by Edward Hochsmann

 An enthralling maritime thriller that will have you gripped!

What could be more important to the US government than the largest cache of cocaine ever assembled? And who are the two strangers willing to buy such an amount, paying for it with diamonds? When the 252 Syndicate’s deal to supply narcotics goes wrong, the henchman on scene contacts a new drug cartel in Honduras, a plan that turns out to be disastrous. The two buyers, actually alien infiltrators, are taken hostage, and their technology in the wrong hands presents an existential threat to human civilization. Like a clever game of chess, the author maneuvers the main players into position as a storm starts brewing over the Caribbean. The newly upgraded Coast Guard cutter Kauai is called in to assist the Defense Intelligence Agency on an operation that must be quick and covert. Ben Wyporek and his comrades must keep the alien technology out of the 252’s hands with only a week to act and preserve the secret of the alien presence on Earth.

The second book in the Engage at Dawn series is a hybrid between science fiction and thriller (Techno-thriller) mixing: the US Coast Guard, the Defense Intelligence Agency, drug lords, and an alien confederation. You will find great camaraderie and even a sprinkling of romance inside, so if you like detailed military thrillers with realistic plots and fabulous characters, you’re going to be hooked by this tale.

Chick Lit Café book review:

Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy by Edward. M. Hochsmann

Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy by Edward. M. Hochsmann is the second in an authentic, auspicious adrenalin-pumping techno-thriller series.  It’s an original and riveting military thriller that will have you gripped from start to finish! 

Ben Wyporek works for the US Coast Guard and loves his job.  Unfortunately, that means he doesn’t get to see his girlfriend Victoria Carpenter as much as he would like.  Victoria is a bright woman who works for the Defense Intelligence Agency; her slight autism gives her a straightforward approach that is both charming and honest.  These are my favorite characters amongst a host of players; their long-distance budding romance adds a tender touch.  I appreciated the list of characters at the front of the book that enabled me to know who-was-who.  I also appreciated the insertion of dates and places so you always know exactly where you are.  For this is an international, nay, a galactic crime-busting plot.  If fighting the drug barons on Earth wasn’t hard enough, moving into our atmosphere are narcotic loving aliens!  Their part in the story is small, and yet they are the cause of great unraveling, as the US Coast Guard and the Defense Intelligence Agency work together to uncover the transfer of the largest amount of cocaine ever seen.  I loved the camaraderie amongst the crew that lightened the tone.  The ending is gripping, totally edge-of-your-seat and page-turning stuff!

I feel that Edward. M. Hochsmann must either have worked for the US Coast Guard or spent extensive time researching, for Engage at Dawn has meticulous detail that brings the book to life, giving it an absolutely realistic and believable tone.  Completely original and with great characters, Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy by Edward. M. Hochsmann is an incredible military romance and thriller. Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy is the sequel to the bestselling “Engage at Dawn: First Contact.” 

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