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Something Found: A Coin by Troy Aaron Ratliff
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Alt="something found"Something Found: A Coin by Troy Aaron Ratliff

The newest novel from Troy Aaron Ratliff and the start of a brand-new trilogy

Something Found: A Coin is the perfect beach read filled with “density and texture that will touch readers on an emotional and visual level” but still leave them out of breath and gasping with action, heart, and a tropical calling for adventure.

Local Artist and so-called “Selfless Scavenger” Todd Freeman may have a seemingly idyllic life painting and scouring the Key West sands with his metal detector and returning lost items to grateful locals and tourists. Yet, his past holds grief and pain: the death of his son, the swift end of his marriage, and the tumultuous period that saw him uprooting from his Midwestern home and starting anew, under the South Florida sun.

But he never expected, in his routine beach-scouring, to find the mysterious little coin — a coin that would set him on an adventure that he never could’ve imagined. One that would unveil a legend primed to change the world, and rewrite history.

With violent pursuers on his tail and bullets flying, Todd finds himself plunged into an incredible quest that will help him not only uncover one of the greatest mysteries of all time, but test his own strength and bravery to a point he never thought was possible.

Something Found: A Coin is the beginning of an adventure that will set your sails for the Floridian tropics and your heart for the grand unknown.

Chick Lit Café book Review:

Take an everyday-man, layer his history and character with depth, compassion and likability and then drop him into a fantastical adventure, and there you have him: meet Todd Freeman – called by fate to a whole new world! Something Found: A Coin by Troy Aaron Ratliff is an incredible new fantasy adventure that will have readers fully engrossed and captivated from start to finish!!

Fantasy, myths and legends is the best category for this super ‘everyman-hero’ story.  Book one (of this soon to be trilogy) is in two halves.  In the first part we are introduced to Todd Freeman, hippy style, laid back, beach-combing artist.  He’s down-to-earth, practical, artistic and a good old-fashioned good guy.  In other words he is totally likable and relatable.  I enjoyed the time the author took to bring him to life.  His past is touching, and adds to his air of having lived a life and started anew somewhere fresh, with a blank page.  The second part is an explosion of phenomenal myths, and of gunshots!  Hamok, and it seems his cat called Bermuda, have a very short time to convince Todd there is more to life than he can imagine.  Mystery, secrets and special powers will be revealed, but is it just a bit too much for our charming artist?

Troy Aaron Ratliff has an easy-to-read narrator-voice style of writing, which I felt very much at home with.  I flew through pages, gripped at first by Todd’s character and then by the plot.  If you like treasure hunts (Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Da Vinci Code; National Treasure: Book of Secrets) then you’re going to love this new fantasy adventure.  Something Found: A Coin by Troy Aaron Ratliff is a fascinating must read novel with excellent descriptive writing, incredible characters and an original exciting plot. Recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviewers.

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★★★★★ “…descriptive and provoking; a great beginning for a series.” – Reader’s Favorite reviewer Peggy

★★★★★ “Troy Aaron Ratliff’s Something Found: A Coin is a grand and compelling story that kept me on the edge of my seat and absolutely loving every minute I spent reading it.” – Reader’s Favorite reviewer Jack

★★★★★ “Troy Aaron Ratliff has crafted a hurricane of a novel that puts readers through their paces with high-octane action and plenty of thrills and spills.” – Reader’s Favorite reviewer K.C.

AUTHOR BIO Troy Aaron Ratliff returns with his first novel in seven years and the start of a brand new trilogy. When he’s not writing, Troy is also an accomplished professional artist.


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