Escape from Silence: The Heroic Journey of a Girl and a Red Ape by Kim LeMasters

Escape from Silence: The Heroic Journey of a Girl and a Red Ape by Kim LeMasters
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Alt="escape from silence"Escape from Silence: The Heroic Journey of a Girl and a Red Ape by Kim LeMasters

On the day of her eleventh birthday, Nyxie’s mother made her promise to never speak again. And with that, her mother disappeared from her life.

Handed over to an aunt and uncle she barely knew, Nyxie reluctantly learns to get around not speaking by using American Sign Language. She never imagined that knowing sign language would get her involved in aiding a young male orangutan’s escape from the zoo to search for his mother in the faraway rainforest of Sumatra.

Their journey to Indonesia is an epic battle against natural elements and enemies, perhaps supernatural ones as well. Can Nyxie and the young orangutan survive the rage of sea storms, the plundering of pirates, or the hunger of predators? Will they ever discover the birthplace of all orangutans, Cloud Mountain? Or learn the real identity of those who called themselves the Paladins? Tag along with Nyxie and the young orang on their heroic journey of nine thousand miles to find his mother.

Chick Lit Cafe Book Review: 

In the adventure-filled young adult novel, Escape from Silence: The Heroic Journey of a Girl and a Red Ape by Kim LeMasters, a young heroine and an orangutan embark on an epic journey through Indonesia’s thrilling jungles in search of the orangutan’s mother.

Eleven-year-old Nyxie hopes to receive something fun from her mom on her upcoming birthday. Instead, her mother abandons her after making Nyxie promise never to speak again. Nyxie withdraws into herself and slowly learns to communicate through sign language. She is shocked when an orangutan pleads for her help through sign language when visiting a zoo with her aunt and uncle. With Nyxie’s help, the orangutan breaks free from captivity and together they begin the long search for his mother.

Packed with suspenseful events, Escape from Silence beautifully tells the story of a brave girl who takes on a daunting journey to help her friend. Nyxie grows throughout the journey as she finds her voice again and faces her fear while dealing with life-threatening obstacles. Other characters including Waylon the orangutan and Boone, Nyxie’s eccentric and adventurous grandfather, are equally fascinating. As Nyxie invents ingenious ways to hide Waylon before coming up with a way of getting them to Sumatra where his mother could be, they both get involved in humorous escapades that enliven the story. Through Nyxie’s family line and her journey with Waylon to Sumatra, LeMasters skillfully weaves an engrossing medieval legend into the story involving the Paladins and their identity.  Young readers will enjoy the suspense-filled adventures that Nyxie and Waylon experience including their encounters with turbulent seas and dangerous predators that could foil their plan to reach Waylon’s mother. They will also learn interesting, intriguing and captivating facts about orangutans and other wild and unique animals including their origin and behavior.

A wonderful teen and young adult adventure novel that even adult readers will love, Escape from Silence: The Heroic Journey of a Girl and a Red Ape by Kim LeMasters features an inspiring heroine and her fascinating orangutan friend. It is a novel about friendship, determination and facing fear. Highly recommended.

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Alt="escape from silence"

About author Kim LeMasters

pic1_13467.gifMy father was a decorated bomber pilot out of World War Two. He was a man who I thought could do anything. He died when I was thirteen. My mom packed up my sister, brother and me, left Chicago and returned to her roots in Southern California. I stumbled through high school and, surprisingly, went on to graduate from UCLA. By the kind efforts of Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews, I ended up working in Hollywood. I wrote, produced and directed many episodes of television and numerous films. My executive career culminated being named president of CBS Television. I’m also a pilot, a woodworker, a welder, a writer, a car fanatic and a fierce defender of the environment and animals. This adventure novel is an idea that has incubated with me for thirty years. I finally wrote it at the urging of my junior high school teacher from Chicago. I often wonder if I have, unconsciously, tried to mirror my father.
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