Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear by Alysia Ssentamu & Michael Ssentamu

Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear by Alysia Ssentamu, Michael Ssentamu
Series: Sticky Icky Vicky #1

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Alt="sticky icky vicky"Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear by Alysia Ssentamu and Michael Ssentamu (Mom’s Choice Award® Gold Medal Recipient) 

Part of: Sticky Icky Vicky series

 Meet Sticky Icky Vicky, a girl who wants to get over her fear—once and for all

In Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear, the first book in the Sticky Icky Vicky™ series, authors Alysia and Michael Ssentamu introduce readers to Vicky, a fun-loving girl who doesn’t mind getting a little sticky and icky. She loves rolling down hills and playing in mud—but when it comes to water, Sticky Icky Vicky’s fear prevents her from joining in the fun. Then Vicky gets an invitation for a waterpark party, and she decides that she really wants to go—even if it means ignoring the Negative Ned voice in her head and getting over her fear.

With vibrant illustrations and catchy rhymes, Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear offers children an inspirational/loveable heroine who learns some valuable life lessons, such as:

  • Courage
  • Positive thinking
  • Goal-setting

Aimed primarily at readers aged six to ten, Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear is a reading experience that leaves kids believing that they, like Vicky, can get past any obstacle in their way.

“An encouraging tale for young readers with their own fears to face.” – Kirkus reviews (starred review)

Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for parents and educators and is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. Using a rigorous evaluation process, entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. Around the world, parents, educators, retailers and members of the media trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products and services for families and children.

Chick Lit Cafe Book Review:

Sticky Icky Vicky is a delightful book for young children. It refreshingly tackles a difficult subject for so many children; overcoming fear.

Sticky Icky Vicky centers on a young girl, Vicky, who loves to get dirty. Vicky doesn’t mind rolling around in the mud, having sticks and twigs stuck in her hair or dirt smeared all over her face. And why not, she’s a regular tomboy just having fun.

The reader might think this book is preaching to children the importance of being clean. Many older readers will remember books moralizing that only good children were clean, while naughty children were dirty.

However, this book is different.

Vicky isn’t being dirty because she is lazy or doesn’t have good guidance from home. As it turns out she is scared of water because she nearly drowned. Her fears are quite legitimate. Many people are affected by a bad event that changed their behavior for the rest of their lives. That is where the smart subheading “Courage over Fear” comes in.

Vicky’s fear of water ranges from the depth of the oceans to having a bath, but when she is invited to a water-fun park for a birthday party, she knows deep down inside she must change.

Young readers will really identify with the characters in Vicky’s head. Negative Ned is the voice that constantly reminds Vicky that she should be scared of water because something bad might happen again.

Negative Ned is eventually banished as Vicky learns to face her fears as her courage shines through. He is replaced with Positive Ted, demonstrating to children that their negative thoughts can be overwritten and replaced with more helpful ones; an extremely important lesson.

The authors have chosen rhyme to tell their delightful story and it works quite well on a couple of levels. Rhymes help children learn to read quicker as they can easily predict what the rhyming words are. As well, the message embedded in the words lasts longer in the memory. This only adds to the value of the book from a parents’ or teacher’s perspective.

Also, the illustrations are absolutely wonderful. They depict the scenes perfectly. The unique use of color, and the gentle and adorable look of the characters will delight and inspire children as they observe and connect the illustrations with the story. Vicky with her beautiful expressive big brown eyes is shown as a normal, healthy girl with a curious sense of adventure and fun. She will fully capture the heart and attention of children and readers. It was refreshing to read a story where children of all nationalities are portrayed. It was also created by a collaboration of people from different nations, another tick for this book.

In a time when we all need to dig deep and find our own courage, Sticky Icky Vicky is a valuable tool for many age groups. Written in beautiful rhymes and with illustrations that are enchanting and lovely to look at, Sticky Icky Vicky is a memorable children’s book and bound to become a favorite with its young audience and families. A great asset on any child’s bookshelf. Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear by Alysia Ssentamu and Michael Ssentamu has deservedly won and been declared as the “Mom’s Choice Award® Gold Medal Recipient” and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.  Book reviewed by S. Day for Chick Lit Cafe Book Reviews.

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