The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black

The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black
Series: The Solar Realm Book 1

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Alt="The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black"The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black

Dreams are fragile things. For the heir of the galactic throne, seventeen-year-old Jenanine Blackwater has never feared that her dream of wearing fabulous dresses and hosting lavish balls as the future Empress would come under threat. She wants to spread a message of peace and unity. She wants to soothe the rift plaguing so many within the realm. Destiny, it seems, is bloodthirsty and doesn’t care about the plans of a naïve girl. An ancient threat infiltrates like shadows in a growing storm, delivering a fatal blow to the current Empress. Hope escapes within the arms of her most loyal protector, the infamous Silver Slayer Kora. Stealing the Imperial Orb, the source of the Empress’ power, Kora’s flight takes her to Jena’s planet to find the musing girl and protect her against a league of demons and assassins that follow in Kora’s wake. Jena’s perfect world collapses. Enemies grow from the shadows until even those once considered allies become the very threat she may not be able to defeat.

CLC’s Book Review:

In The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black, readers step into the universe of Jenanine Blackwater, Empress Heir-Apparent of Alaria, one of eight planets in a galaxy filled with power-wielding women, various kingdoms, rulers, and dragons, too. Hold on to your seat, The Solar Realm is a fast-paced, action-packed YA fantasy novel unlike any you have ever read before!

Jenanine Blackwater is excitedly welcoming her soon-to-be role as empress of Alaria when the entire cosmos gets turned upside down. A small but extremely powerful orb and a rapid turn of events leave Jena and her loyal companions, including a palace protector and the love of her life, Nico Waltz, in shambles. Along with them and others is Kora, a silver slayer (basically a killing machine), who was supposed to be training Jenanine on how to master her powers. When various parties start seeking out the orb, havoc ensues, and Kora eventually becomes something even more unimaginable and impressive than what she already is, the consequences of which spread across the cosmos. Danger, death, fantasy, and adventure await you in The Solar Realm.

The Solar Realm is a full-fledged and well-developed fictional galaxy, perfected by the mind of PM Black. It has a lot of incredible, likable and fascinating characters and is told in a multi-perspective style. It is fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable, and captivating.

The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black is a well-balanced, fantastic piece of YA fantasy fiction that would make for a fantastic TV series or movie. It is thoroughly entertaining and will leave you thirsty for the sequel and book two The Solar Realm: Ascending Heir! Book read and reviewed by Micah Giordonela for CLC Books & Reviews.

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Chick Lit Café Awards First Place to
The Solar Realm: The Silver Slayer by PM Black
for best Y/A, Fantasy & Action Novel
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner
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Alt="solar realm author spotliht"About the Author

PM Black is an avid fantasy reader and enjoys J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson and everything in between. When she’s not nose deep into a book (or tablet), she loves watching movies, especially anything in the Marvel Universe. Essentially, any chance to dive into another world, she’s there.


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