Chronicles of Asadore by Robin M. Farella

Chronicles of Asadore: The Quest to the Emberland by Robin M. Farella
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Alt="Chronicles of Asadore"Chronicles of Asadore : Quest to the Emberlands– A 2023 CLC First Place Excellence Award Winner and a Readers Review 5 Star Book – will take you on an adventure with Ellie as she discovers family secrets and comes to understand the important role she must play in saving the people of Asadore from the forces of evil as they try to disrupt its delicate balance…

You will join Ellie, a young lady of nineteen who is living the quiet life with her parents and spending time with her four best friends. In a few short months, she suffers several life altering tragedies. She leaves school behind and discovers that she is now The Keeper of the Water Element. Part of a community charged with protecting the world of Asadore. Accepting her destiny is a difficult decision. After learning the people in Asadore are in danger, decides to pursue this journey. She believes that being a being a super fan of fantasy quests, she will be prepared for anything. She will soon learn that this is not the case.
She along with her friends, will follow in her grandmother’s footsteps, in order to ensure the balance of Asadore will be maintained. To accomplish this, it is necessary to defeat the Blaize family, Keepers of the Fire Element. They’re intent is to disrupt the balance of Asadore and allow chaos to rule. If our heroes don’t succeed, evil will win allowing the Blaize family controlling Asadore for their own purpose, power.

Along their journey, they will be pursued by the evil agents of the Blaize family intent on ensuring they fail. Putting our heroes in peril, risking failure. She learns to depend on her friends to achieve the task set before her. Working with the other element families, air and earth only strengthen her own abilities, hopefully defeating the forces of evil and protecting the world of Asadore.

 Chick Lit Cafe Book Review:

If you’re craving adventure, fantasy, and a whole host of fictional friends, then you’ll be endlessly entertained by Robin M. Farella’s new book, Chronicles of Asadore: The Quest to the Emberlands

Unbeknownst to El, she grew up with a constant connection to water. But it isn’t until she is older that the relationship becomes obvious, and she finally finds out the truth. She discovers that she is from an entire other world called Asadore, and her family is keepers of the water element. This captivating tale unfolds at a fast pace, leaving readers exhilarated at every page turn as El and her friends go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Author Robin M. Farella has done a great job of creating a unique fantasy epic. She includes original ideas such as teleportation via tapestries and has given her imaginary world many detailed elements, from its fun food to its creative creatures. Though El is the protagonist, her friends also get a lot of space on the pages, which leaves readers with the pleasure of discovering five interesting well-developed characters. Another refreshing aspect is the amount of traveling that El and her friends do. An ordinary fantasy quest will usually depict a protagonist making their way to a single destination and will give little importance to the locations on the way there. However, there are so many different unique places in Asadore, and the group makes their way through nearly all of them, experiencing them to the fullest.

Chronicles of Asadore: The Quest to the Emberlands takes readers on an enchanting journey through an awe-inspiring realm of imagination. It seamlessly blends thrilling fantasy escapades with heartwarming lessons on the power of true friendship. Prepare to be completely engrossed from start to finish! Chronicles of Asadore: The Quest to the Emberlands by Robin M. Farella is a fantastic must-read story and an imaginative, exciting, and epic fantasy adventure and comes highly recommend by Chick Lit Café.  Book proudly read and reviewed by Micah Giordonela for CLC Book Reviews, Marketing & Author Services.

You won’t want to miss out on this award winning epic fantasy adventure novel!
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Alt="Chronicles of Asadore"
Chronicles of Asadore: The Quest to the Emberlands by Robin M. Farella
is awarded first place
for best
Epic Fantasy, Adventure Novel
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner!
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