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New York Stories by Yurie Kiri
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New York Stories is not a cute travelogue or a guide book to my favorite NYC bars and restaurants nor is it a guide to programming, artificial intelligence or computer languages.

This is a survival story… about surviving all the horrors of a post-modern life: wars, environmental disasters, homelessness and poverty along with how to get your bills paid so that the insurance men won’t come after your shoes, so to speak… or maybe they just want dry socks? Who doesn’t these days?

What’s happening in New York City in the late 21st century?
The wars have wound down and New York still stands, largely undamaged and more crowded than ever before. Global warming has not abated so the city is hot, soggy and the oceans are rising which means there are a lot of pumps running in all the flooded areas as well as ever taller barriers around the rivers and bays. Just pray that the electricity holds but people can live with those kinds of problems as long as there’s some kind of diversion…

What do people do for fun?
Terrestrial travel is difficult in a mostly destroyed world except for “spiritual travel” where you get your spirit, your inner essence, sucked out, extracted and then shot into space, leaving your empty physical body “sleeping” like the dead far behind on Earth. Giant antennas on Mars catch those modulated “spirits” moving at light speed and process them into manufactured, artificial bodies for a few fun filled weeks before the process gets reversed. But if you’re afraid of travel, there’s always a tough, complex computer game available to play… so life can be fun as long as the game doesn’t want you dead, too.

Who’s in charge of NYC anyway?
The Board of Directors, elected by the shareholders, mostly rich business men, are the only form of government now and that means everything has to be good for the bottom line or profitable to be exact. That doesn’t mean life isn’t fair, because nothing happens that can’t be litigated in tough courts by good attorneys and judges. However, one of those courts just issued a ruling that might favor the banks and the way that they can collect on consumer debt… That’s not going to be a problem, is it?

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Electric, surprising, and original, the fantasy, science fiction novel, New York Stories by Yurie Kiri immerses its audience in a terrifying post-apocalyptic New York City run by a ruthless bank that will stop at nothing to collect on outstanding debt.

In 2089, the court issues a ruling allowing banks to collect on debt from indebted consumers’ life insurance policies. Joe Weinberg, a contract worker, and software engineer who struggles to pay his monthly bills, panics after his China Bank account becomes past due. To avoid getting murdered by the powerful bank, he plans a two-week trip to Mars with his wife Annie, hoping to have enough funds to pay the accrued debt within two weeks. A glitch occurs and the couple encounters incorporeal Martians who help them settle in Mars. The beings borrow the couple’s earthly bodies and travel to Earth where they launch an attack on China Bank’s systems, causing mayhem across the city.

Kiri’s skillful world-building creates a dark world that overflows with climate change issues, tyrannical government systems, and dangerous technological advancements. Vivid descriptions of 2089 New York City paint a dire picture of the city’s inhabitants’ everyday life. After a brutal war that devastated America, China Bank which is governed by a vicious leader now controls the city’s financial systems. Muggers and beggars roam the city which experiences constant flooding.

The characters are presented as real people who struggle with ordinary personal issues and problems imposed upon them by the elite. They are vulnerable and struggle with anxiety and acceptance. Through their experiences, the work explores important themes about greed, oppression, and the struggle to survive. It examines their relationships and the complex issues they face in their marriage, work environment and friendships.

Unexpected twists dot the plot making the novel a page-turner and otherworldly beings’ activities on Earth add exciting elements to the story. The extraction of human spirits from their bodies, the exchange of earthly bodies between humans and Martins, organized travels to Mars, advanced machine intelligence, and a Martian invasion are some of the book’s intriguing features. As New York City sinks into upheaval when the bank’s systems are interfered with, more riveting action scenes arise.

Exploring a vast variety of themes, Yurie Kiri’s enthralling science fiction novel, New York Stories comes highly recommeneded by Chick Lit Café. It features captivating concepts and a compelling, gripping plot. Readers will love its many twists and fresh unique characters. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick lit Café books, reviews & reading recommendations!! 

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New York Stories by Yurie Kiri
awarded first place
for best
Science Fiction & Post-Apocalyptic Novel
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner!
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