The Accountants by Tilly Vanilla

The Accountants by Tilly Vanilla
Series: Muse Book 3

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The Accountants  by Tilly Vanilla

The Accountants – David and Elaine’s story: Elaine gradually becomes a shared wife in a series of erotic adventures initiated by her husband (Muse Book 3) by Tilly Vanilla

 Elaine and David’s story

Elaine and David have been sweethearts since their school days. They are now happily married and have spent their entire lives being faithful to each other.
Both are successful accountants, and in the weeks before Elaine’s 50th birthday, David is eager to source an unconventional present for his wife.
Luckily one of his clients is the organizer of an alternative adult society and offers David the chance to arrange some less-than-vanilla options for her birthday celebration.
Initially nervous, the resulting escapades rock their sexual world as they are self-seduced into an escalation of sensual experiences they would never have considered.
From faithful wife to eager Hot Wife.

CLC’s Book Review:

The Accountants by Tilly Vanilla is a steamy, humorous, seductive and romantically exciting story that will leave readers wanting more – and in more ways than one!

David wants to make his wife’s 50th birthday extra special.  Over drinks with a friend, he discovers a possible new birthday ploy that may not only be memorable, but also knowing his wife as he does, will fulfill his wife’s deepest fantasies.  David engages two men to repair his fence, but they are there to engage his wife in some playful sexual temptations.  As Elaine’s birthday nears, she discovers that she quite likes the two sexy workmen in her backyard and that she has a voyeuristic side to her that really ignites her sexual desires, as she becomes aroused.

Tilly Vanilla knows how to write an alluring exciting scene for readers who desire more sex and sizzle than just a simple romance.  As she slowly turns up the heat with David and Elaine, she also introduces Sam-the-younger and Sam-the-Elder.  These two men are part of the Muse—a vetted organization that assists in helping couples ignite new sparks in their relationships.  Both Sams are originally hired to repaint the fence in David and Elaine’s backyard, but they’re also there to help Elaine play out some bad boy fantasies of her own.  I liked how Tilly made David and Elaine’s relationship the core of this book; it was clear they had a relationship built on trust and love and that her enjoyment was the center of any decision David made with the Sams.  What begins as a rather anxious situation, turns into a fantasy that Elaine and David both enjoy and are glad to participate in. Tilly also plays with readers as the characters engage in sexual flirtations and arousal is clear—which gives readers the same tension and urgency to keep reading, turning the pages with a certain excitement, expectancy, and arousal.  The characters personalities are interesting, charismatic, and multi-faceted which makes this more than just an erotic story, but one with substance and one where readers can connect with the characters and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the fantasy, characters, and the story.

For readers who enjoy stories that will ignite their passions and satisfy their fantasies, Tilly Vanilla’s, The Accountants is the perfect story filled with sexual intrigue, passion, and seduction in a forbidden manner that is sure to ignite arousal and desire.

If this is your genre and the kind of story that you enjoy and desire, then The Accountants by Tilly Vanilla comes recommended. It is an incredibly well-written story with exciting likable and sexy characters, vivid descriptive scenes with the perfect amount of sexual tension to keep you turning the pages and begging for more.

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The Accountants by Tilly Vanilla
awarded first place
for best
Contemporary Romance, Mysterious & Humorous Erotica Fiction
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner!
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All characters portrayed in this story are of age and are lucky to exist in a fantasy world where anything is possible, and sensuality engenders happiness.
I enjoy writing erotic stories, in particular, developing interesting characters. These tales are a mix of personal experience, imagination, and desire.
I sincerely hope you enjoy escaping for a few hours.
If reading about sexual escapades and naughty words is likely to offend you, please do not read any further.
Tilly Vanilla

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