Villains and Victims by Rick Blaine

Villains and Victims by Rick Blaine: The Global Drug, Terrorism and Organized Crime Conundrum by Rick Blaine
Series: Morocco's Drug Conundrum Book 3

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Alt="Villains and Victims"Villains and Victims by Rick Blaine : The Global Drug, Terrorism and Organized Crime Conundrum (Morocco’s Drug Conundrum Book 3) by Rick Blaine

Drug policies adopted by governments, treatments offered for addiction, pain and mental problems by the medical world combine in a relationship that negatively affects the world’s most vulnerable people. Villains and Victims. The Global Drug, Terrorism and Organized Crime Conundrum exposes how this unchallenged negative symbiosis influences the human world: seemingly unrelated policies act symbiotically to increase addiction, organized crime, radicalization, and ultimately terrorism. At first it was an unintended chain, but the evidence suggests much of it is now deliberate. The public needs to be made aware of the harm the policies are causing.

For over a hundred years, the knock-on effect of the world’s ineffective drug laws and drug substitution policies contributed to the deaths of millions of people. Unless the regimes that cause this are changed, governments will continue to misguide us, pharmaceutical firms make huge unethical profits, and doctors will not offer the best treatments for drug addiction and alcoholism. This means millions more men, women, and children will continue to suffer and die from their effects, as well as from terrorist attacks and organized crime.

For example, at the 2022 World Cup in Dubai, Morocco’s football team won the hearts of millions of underdog lovers, but there is other sides to Morocco that are far less loveable.
At the same time as a handful of Moroccan’s were taking pride of place in Dubai, in Brussels and Amsterdam, court cases were taking place that charged several of their countrymen with some the worst crimes of the 21st century. If, as expected, these men on trial are found guilty, they will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Although each crime was despicable, because the Belgian and Dutch cases are for different crimes, the judges and juries will not be made aware of an important fact: The acts they committed of deadly terrorism in Brussels in 2016, and the organized crime murder in Amsterdam in 2021, are closely connected. Complex, well-hidden, interrelated reasons are behind them, so, the common factors that frequently lead Moroccans to commit such atrocities are unlikely to be realized. As these include this century’s Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, London, Madrid, Marrakesh, Casablanca and 9/11 terrorist attacks, numerous murders by Moroccan mafias in Europe, and 1,659 Moroccans joining ISIS, it is essential to understand this and the reasons. Otherwise, policies will not be put in place to prevent more of the same.
But putting yesteryear’s culprits behind bars would only be a temporary fix. It would not prevent like-minded Moroccans or others with similar hatred committing such crimes in the years ahead.
For every drug addict in every country, it is the root cause that must be addressed before they will stop anti-social behavior. So, it is the causes and solution that is the focus of Villains and Victims. A Moroccan Drug and Terrorism Conundrum.

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In Villains and Victims: The Global Drug, Terrorism, and Organized Crime Conundrum, Rick Blaine lays out a moving accounting of several key aspects of the drug culture and the violence from which it stems.

After working as a pharmaceutical representative, experiencing the life of an addict, as a man in recovery, and as a world-renowned traveler, Rick Blaine has extensive knowledge, understanding, along with valuable research.  He speaks with an authority only experience can provide.  Furthermore, Rick has laid out an informed case for several aspects of the drug and violence culture in multiple countries and has worked hard to detail as many possible connections between countries, people, and motivations as he could discover.  In Villains and Victims, Rick has approached a complex problem and he’s broken it down into digestible parts that help any reader to fully understand the big picture.

As a reader who didn’t know about Morocco, the drug trade, or the issues resulting from the drug world, I found this book highly informative, captivating and very well laid out.  These are complex issues, and author Rick Blaine understands the lure of drugs and the reasons people will seek them out. He also understands how severe and strong the pull is once someone is in the bondage of drugs and addiction. Furthermore, he’s traveled extensively which comes through in his writing. He knows and cares about each of the places he’s highlighted in this book.  Given how complex this topic is, I also appreciated the style he used to detail each aspect.  His use of bullet points, pictures, and examples really assisted in my understanding of the key points. His writing style and ability shines through skillfully and brilliantly. While it is also easy to understand, making for an overall informative, enjoyable, and important read. Rick’s passion for humanity and for the protection of lives is inspiring; I hope he continues this work!

The drug trade is not a simple problem, nor are there any simple solutions.  As Rick Blaine details in his extraordinary eye-opening and engaging book, Villains and Victims: The Global Drug, Terrorism, and Organized Crime Conundrum, the drug and terrorism issues are now operating on such a large scale across multiple countries, that no one person or government will be able to quell these issues alone.  In Villains and Victims, Rick Blaine lays out the problem and provides a compelling, interesting, and thought-provoking read for most all readers! Villains and Victims: The Global Drug, Terrorism, and Organized Crime Conundrum by Rick Blaine comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

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