Home Rule: Book III of the Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

Home Rule by Stella Atrium
Series: Tribal Wars Book 3

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Home Rule: Book III of the Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

Brianna Miller and rebel leader Karlyhi emerge as leaders uniting the tribes against the off-world mining cartel. Reporter Hershel Henry opens a local newspaper to report a more honest version of events leading to regime change. But will bringing down Rabbenu Ely only stir more violence and unrest?

Unity starts at home. How can the tribes bind together as a nation-state after fighting among themselves for generations? Inspiring leaders are needed, and a flashpoint act that binds individuals to a single cause. When Henry witnesses (and broadcasts) the ninth death-by-fire, this one by respected teacher Kecouroo, all the tribes feel the outrage and call for Rabbenu Ely to step down.

Ely lingers in the governor’s mansion, giving Henry time to build audience for his Cylay Gazette by reporting political events. People fill the city square for protest and to force out Ely who leaves by stealth.

The change-over doesn’t mean that the tribes are ready to self-govern, however. The call for new elections aggravates competition among would-be leaders and endangers the fragile peace.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

With shifting perspectives, compelling characters, and a storyline that will awe and amaze you, Home Rule is award winning author, Stella Atrium’s third installment in her fascinating and memorable science fiction, fantasy adventure series, The Tribal Wars. It is an exciting, thought-provoking, and thoroughly enthralling original story to savor and get lost in from start to finish.

In Atrium‘s new science fiction adventure novel, Home Rule: Book III of the Tribal Wars, the story continues with the perspectives of three characters: two strong women who get things done and an intuitive male. Mixed-blood Brianna Miller must seek negotiation among the tribes, a lengthy and unpleasant task. And Kelly Osborn travels to Stargate Junction to coordinate the wedding of Ambassador Otieno. Meanwhile, journalist Hershel Henry comes across an array of distressing events, including the near-unbelievable self-torching of the tribal women who are opposing the rule of a tyrant.

Stella Atrium’s splendid writing style is rich and very detailed. She reports things as naturally as if they are real facts, which makes the reader forget that they are reading fiction. It’s pure genius. The way she dives into fictional tribal cultures is incredible. The fact that everything is straight from her imagination and is so thorough, makes her novel unbelievably remarkable, and so thrilling to read. Besides a complex sci-fi universe, there is also romance, humor, violence, adventure, and drama. The dialog between the characters is flawlessly tangible and is filled with raw and real emotions.

This novel is a science fiction lover’s dream. The combination of Stella Atrium’s imagination for creating an awesome world, inspiring characters along with her unique and clever writing style, is like a gift to readers. She has brought science fiction to a whole new level of creativity and depth with drama, passion and ingenuity with the most incredible original characters, ideas, scenes, and scenarios. The beautiful, rich, and intelligent world building and story captured me like no science-fiction, fantasy story I have ever read. Home Rule is a tremendously satisfying, exciting read and unique in every aspect and therefore, comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Micah Giordonela for Chick Lit Café.

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Home Rule: Book III of the Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium
First Place for Best
Sci-Fi, Space Colonization, Women’s Fiction
CLBC International Book Award


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