The Right One by Barbara A. Luker

The Right One by Barbara A. Luker
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Alt="The Right One by Barbara Luker"The Right One by Barbara A. Luker

Finding that singular person, we are meant to be with is never easy, but for Trauma Surgeon Andrea Taylor, finding the right one had been as elusive as catching a falling star. Past relationships had all ended in heartbreak as the demands of her career took precedence and finding the “right one” was the last thing on her mind as she started a new life in Texas until fate stepped in and Andi met the man who would change her life.

Tech entrepreneur Ryan Jacobs was smitten the moment he watched Andi save the life of an injured man and even her gentle rebuffs were not enough to dissuade Ryan from his pursuit of the woman he believed was the right one for him.

In the end what started as friendship turned into so much more. Their love seemed perfect, but life and love are never that simple as the couple was about to discover. Danger that had lurked in the shadows had followed Andi to Texas; danger she thought she was well past worrying about. Would their efforts to save Andi’s life be enough?

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If you’re looking for a modern romance with a bit of thrill, then Barbara A. Luker’s, The Right One is the right choice for you. You might ask what’s so thrilling about a Minnesota doctor moving to Austin, but that’s part of the point and what makes this such an incredible read—there is uncertainty, suspense, and anticipation where and when you don’t expect it. I was hooked right from the start and seriously could not put this novel down.

Double-certified trauma surgeon Andi Taylor just got a new gig in Austin, Texas. She gets to work at the hospital, but she doesn’t even really know who hired her or why they wanted to hire her so badly. When she catches the eye of a hot hockey player who won’t take no for an answer, she never imagines the events that unfold. Some of it is good, but some of it is her worst nightmare. It’s a perfect read with extremes, conflict, passion, romance, and love.

The Right One has just the right touch of Hallmark feels, intrigue, and romance. Author Barbara A. Luker takes her time building up the story, adding suspense and anticipation to every page. She tactfully adds tense elements but distracts the reader with other things so that they almost forget about the suspense until the next time it becomes pertinent. Barabara A. Luker is a superb writer with a great talent for writing dialogue, and incredible vivid descriptions that puts the reader right there on the scene as this many-sided story unfolds. Andi’s character is perfect for this day and age. She is a woman who prioritizes her career. She knows that patients need her, and obviously, as a doctor, she has a busy schedule. But sometimes, love just happens, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

The Right One is the perfect modern-day romance. Andi’s simple story intertwines with surprising thrills, proving that love can emerge in the most unexpected places—an absolute must-read. The Right One by Barbara A. Luker comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café as a must read and awarded first place in the CLC Book Excellence Award contest in the women’s fiction, romance and thriller genres/categories. Book reviewed by Micah Giordonela for Chick Lit Café

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Alt="The Right One by Barbara Luker"

The Right One by Barbara A. Luker
Awarded first place for
Women’s Fiction, Romance & Thriller Novel
CLC Book Excellence Award
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Alt="author interviews"Barbara A. Luker is a late starter. Some would say better late than never and if you are a fan of her writing you might agree. After years of working in local government, she discovered a long dormant passion for writing that culminated in the release of her first book, “Remembering You”. But that was only the beginning and her newest novel “I Carry Your Heart” was released in 2022. Her next book, The Right One”, is scheduled for release in September, 2023. Luker is a master of creating love stories with a twist that are sure to keep readers turning the page and reaching for the tissues.

A life-long resident of Minnesota most of her works have a Minnesota connection and each book centers on a solid love story, family and what we do for those we love.  She survived an F4 tornado that destroyed three-quarters of her hometown and, maybe more impressively, survived over three decades working for the City of Saint Peter!  Her readers love that she is so knowledgeable about the small details included in her books and praise her research, but in reality it’s a lifetime of living that forms the basis for much of her writing.

She shares her life, and a lot of times her computer keyboard, with her polydactyl rescue cat Annie.  Interesting fact?  Discovering her grandmother was a closet writer was so influential in Barbara’s own passion for writing that she honors her grandmother Lillian in each of her books although it may take some doing for readers to discover how that is accomplished!

For information on upcoming works and to join Barbara’s email community, please visit her website or follow her on FaceBook page  or Instagram page. Barbara A. Luker’s books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine online retailers or ask for it at your local public library.

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