Gothic Revival by Michael Mullin

Gothic Revival by Michael Mullin
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The Psychological Thriller Inspired by the Creation of Frankenstein

Chris, Anne, Fiona, and Lauren were inseparable friends while earning MFAs in Creative Writing. Years later they’ve grown apart and are surprised to receive an invitation to a reunion from the fifth member of their group, Eric, a successful screenwriter. Eric flies them to a remote lake villa where he reveals his new obsession: their group is a modern version of the famous one from Villa Diodati in 1816, the iconic literary event during which Frankenstein was created.

Chris and Anne are their Percy and Mary Shelley. The free-spirited artist Fiona is like Claire Clairmont. Instead of Dr. Polidori, they have Lauren, PhD in Victorian History. That leaves Eric, the Hollywood player, as Lord Byron. Like Byron, Eric proposes they write ghost stories, an homage to their famous predecessors. Laughter, creativity, and reminiscence are soon replaced with deceit, suspicion, and fear. What is the self-proclaimed clairvoyant Fiona seeing and hearing? Why does Eric lie? What does the creepy old housekeeper know about their host? Tensions grow as relationships are tested until a shocking discovery reveals the true intention for the reunion.

Fans of Gillian Flynn, Alex Michaelides, Lisa Jewel, and Alice Feeney will love the suspense and intrigue of Gothic Revival.

CLC Book Review:

In Gothic Revival by Michael Mullin, five long-time friends gather together in a “haunted” mansion to immerse themselves in a creative writing bubble, a set-up eerily similar to what led to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein… What could possibly go wrong?

When Lauren, Anne, Chris, and Fiona’s rich and talented college buddy, Eric, invites them on a mysterious trip, it’s too intriguing to turn down. They find themselves in a lakeside mansion that mimics the infamous Villa Diodati, the birthplace of Frankenstein. Each of them has to write a chilling story, but it’s not actually for fun and old-time’s sake, as Eric suggests. Piece by piece, the friends begin to put the puzzle together…and the completed picture will astound you.

The detailed writing, the incredible plot, and the characters with their various unique peronailities and their relatable emotions bring this gripping story to life. Michael Mullin carefully places hints and clever foreshadowings throughout his suspenseful story. These hints are not just for the story itself but for the true nature of the characters as well. And the plot is completely unpredictable—in the best way. One moment it’s leaning towards the supernatural, and the next moment it is psychological. Turn a few more pages, and then it’s a mystery. In the end, it all ties together in a way that the reader never sees coming.

This is one of the best adult thrillers of 2023 and is the absolute perfect book for an autumn and winter read. Detailed, well-written, and thoroughly thought out, Gothic Revival is a spooky psychological thriller that you do not want to miss! Book read and review by Micah Giordonela for Chick Lit Book Café. If read this novel and love it like we do, kindly post a book review on Amazon. It is so very much apprceiated.

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Gothic Revival by Michael Mullin
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About Michael Mullin

Fictional worlds can teach us so much about the one we live in. The experiences you bring back from the escape are what give stories their value. That’s why you read, and that’s why I read – and write.

​My author career began with a twisted fairytale retelling about the unknown 8th dwarf which turned into a trilogy of such tales. Over the years I’ve received book awards and industry recognition for which I’m very grateful. I’m currently working on a business plan for an educational company that uses the fairytale trilogy, TaleSpins, as curriculum to teach things like empathy and anti-bullying.

I’ve written marketing materials for the merch divisions of Disney, DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, and Universal, but I gave all that up because I was tired of selling people junk that was just going to end up in a landfill. Before I was a writer, I was a preschool teacher and college professor, two positions I found disconcertingly similar.

I live in Pasadena, CA with my wonderful wife Dani and our ridiculously cool dog Finn. Our twins, Sophie and Max (pictured here in kindergarten) are finishing up their college careers. I couldn’t be more proud and amazed. Even though I’ve been in California since 1996, all my sports allegiances remain in my native New England.

Connect with Michael Mullin and learn more about him, his writings and his interesting creative life.


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