Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta

Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta
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Alt="things we do for love"Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta

Daisy Bach, a therapist, has always been certain that she did not want to have children. Her childhood experiences with an overbearing and controlling mother, Verity, who tore the family apart, further cemented this decision. However, at the age of forty-five, Daisy finds herself reconsidering this choice.

Unfortunately, her decision to try and conceive is complicated by her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. With strained family relationships, Daisy faces the daunting task of caring for her elderly parents while also attempting to conceive.

As she navigates this challenging time, Daisy is forced to confront her deep-seated resentment towards Verity. This journey leads her to re-evaluate her beliefs about motherhood, forgiveness, and the true meaning of a “happy” family. Will Daisy find a way to reconcile with her past and make peace with her present? Only time will tell.

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Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta is a superb family drama that highlights damage and redemption, hope and healing, and the power of family ties.

Mix together a derisive mother with a joie de vivre, a reclusive, highly intelligent father, and three sisters at loggerheads and you have the ‘Bach’ family.

The story opens with the planning of Sol’s 80th birthday party. We have the bossy, ‘Let’s get it done’ no-nonsense Iris rallying the rather reluctant family together. Daisy’s hate for her mother brims under the surface, but this is Dad’s day so despite her own troubles she attends. Heather tears herself away from Berlin with great difficulty, but at least she has the bubbly Zoe to help her get through it all. Tension rises as they arrive at the family home. Everyone just wants to get through the party and get home as quickly as possible. Then the least unexpected thing happens—Sol has a stroke. It is only in the following days that the sisters finally understand how bad their mother’s Alzheimer’s disease is. Can they pull together? Will the shadows of pain that follow all of them be able to surface and finally be dispelled? What is the heart of a family? In Things We Do For Love, the happy-family preconception is pulled apart string by string. In the agonizing sadness of watching their parents decline, the three sisters will individually understand something vitally important about themselves and finally allow acceptance in.

Vered Neta’s eloquent writing style draws the reader in and holds them fast. Her characters are heartfelt and real, and her portrayal of a not-so-normal family will tug on your heartstrings. Neta has given each of the characters in the story their own vulnerable and genuine role within the family. I really warmed to the fact that Neta divided the story into the five family viewpoints so that we could truly understand events from their unique perspectives. This is a fantastically raw story about love, grief, and family dynamics.

Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta is a wonderful unique character-driven, moving tale that will sweep you away. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Emma Christy for Chick Lit Book Café – Top choice reading recommendations, professional book reviews and effective book marketing for author success..

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Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta
CLC Book Excellence Award Finalist for Best Family Sagas & Dramas

Vered Neta is an authorscriptwriter & motivational speaker.

She writes character-driven drama stories focusing on women and the challenges they face in today’s society. 

In her work she is focused on bringing kindness and positivity into the world.

Visit Vered’s website to discover more about her incredible life and amazing books…
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