Three Minute Hero (Luke Fischer) by Craig Terlson 

Three Minute Hero (Luke Fischer) by Craig Terlson
Series: (Luke Fischer Novels)

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Luke Fischer knows he can’t go home again-unless it’s to follow a hired killer who bumped off his employer’s nephew.

Luke’s shady friend and benefactor sends him across two borders to find a man who goes by many names … but mostly Harold, a lizard-boot-wearing hit man with a fondness for Burt Bacharach, Louis L’Amour, acidic observations and sucker punches. Little does Luke realize that he’s not only chasing the man, but he’s also chasing the one-woman crime wave who’s mesmerized the man. And soon enough Luke’s also chasing the memory of the woman who once mesmerized him.

Before he knows it, Luke is caught up in a Canadian prairie war between rival factions after a cache of illicit cash. As the bullet casings, bodies and beer bottles start to stack up, Luke finds himself reflecting on the choices made, and unmade, that turned him into a two-fisted mayhem-maker for hire. Is this who he is? Is there something else he could and should be? And most importantly, will he live enough to find out?

THREE MINUTE HERO, Craig Terlson’s latest taut and propulsive Luke Fischer action thriller, shows that while you can come home again, you can’t stay there. Or anywhere. Not for long, at any rate… and not without finding yourself reducing the population.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

Three Minute Hero by Craig Terlson is an outstanding non-stop, action-packed crime and mystery novel that will keep you guessing until the very end!

When Luke’s boss sends him on yet another road trip, Luke is expecting some trouble—there’s always a moderate amount of danger on these road trips.  However, this time, his boss’s nephew has been murdered by someone Luke calls Mostly Harold—a devious, cutthroat man who’s already threatened to put several bullets into Luke.  As Luke arrives nearer his destination and gradually uncovers the many layers of this storyline, he soon realizes finding his boss’s nephew’s killer is the least of his issues.  He’s run himself smack dab into the middle of a complex money laundering/drug/crime ring that doesn’t want him even remotely involved.  The question is: can he go home without the information his boss requires?  And can he even get out at all?

Craig Terlson spins a mean tale in his incredible gripping novel, Three Minute Hero. The storyline is skillfully crafted from multiple perspectives which balances the plot and action sequences well.  He does an excellent job of creating enthralling characters that the reader will care about.  The intricate nature of the plot line keeps the story unbelievably entertaining and interesting. Craig Terlson through his amazing writing and storytelling ability, ties up and brings a fascinating conclusion to the loose ends and answers the readers’ lingering questions brilliantly. Wow!! What a magnificent story!! Craig has an intriguing and unique voice in his writing that really brings his characters and story to life.

Readers who love crime and action will really enjoy Three Minute Hero by Craig Terlson.  The plot in this book races to a climax that readers won’t see coming.  Chick Lit Café highly recommends Three Minute Hero for any adult reader! Book read and reviewed my Mary Rosenthal for CLC book recommendations, reviews, marketing and author news.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind crime thriller!!!
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Three Minute Hero (Luke Fischer) by Craig Terlson 
Best Crime, Action & Thriller Fiction
CLC Book Excellence Award
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About the author

Craig Terlson’s fiction has appeared in Lit Hub, Mystery Weekly, Carve, Hobart, Smokelong Quarterly, Bound Off, 3:AM, Slow Trains Literary and many other literary journals in the United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa. He is the author of four novels, a novella, and a short story collection.

His work creates bridges between literary fiction, crime fiction, and at times, slipstream or magic realism. Throughout his writing, he brings a quirky, dark sense of humour and an ear for the dialogue he heard growing up on the Canadian prairies. His prose possesses a cinematic quality and an eye for detail stemming from his years as a professional illustrator.

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