The Wedding by Kelly Smith

The Wedding by Kelly Smith
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Four friends, one city. Grace, Piper, Sydney and Rachel navigate life, careers, and love in Boston. Each woman is newly single and looking for a fresh start. As their work lives start to look up, they each meet a new man who may be “the one”—or may not. The bond the four women share helps them make better sense of their lives, but at times their friendship causes more issues than it solves. New couples form, and one of them is headed for the altar. But which of the women is about to be a bride?

All along the way, Grace, Piper, Sydney and Rachel are each other’s biggest fans and cheerleaders. The Wedding explores the bond women share and the love they seek.

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

The Wedding by Kelly Smith is an exemplary novel that honors strength, friendship, sisterhood, and love. Led by four fantastic characters, the contemporary romance novel masterfully chronicles their personal and professional lives, including their struggles, lessons, and triumphs.

It has been two years since Piper left behind her hometown and the man she loved and moved to Boston. Blake had refused to move with her to the city and Piper had decided to choose herself and accept her dream job. Despite two years passing, Piper does not feel ready to date again. Her friends, Grace, Sydney, and Rachel, are also trying to balance their careers and love lives, hoping to meet the men of their dreams. The four friends lean on each other and celebrate their triumphs as they navigate the dating scene.

With a skillful hand, Kelly Smith provides an engrossing novel with themes that many women will find deeply familiar. The story beautifully underscores the value of female friendships through the lead characters’ lives. The friends serve as great sounding boards for each other, and their sisterhood offers a strong support system for all four women.

Smith has a remarkable ability of creating realistic characters whose personal lives and careers are fraught with challenging detours that require them to make difficult decisions. Their journeys are wonderfully crafted, and they exemplify connection, resilience, and the courage to heal and love again. Each main character has a distinct personality, and their individual stories are intriguing and moving. The characters’ backgrounds are examined in detail and the dialog between them is written with skill and cleverness.

The Wedding takes an encouraging approach to facing past relationship trauma. It presents the healing process as a long-term journey with unexpected curves. The characters’ emotions can be felt throughout the novel, including the emotional turmoil they face when relationships end. With time and support from each other, they can overcome the struggles they face.

A skillfully woven story with essential themes and authentic, unforgettable characters, The Wedding by Kelly Smith will be a favorite for fans of contemporary romance books. This women’s fiction novel is carried along by emotional dialogue, soul-stirring romance, and some light-hearted moments, and has a surprising ending.  Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café reviews and reading top recommendations.

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The Wedding by Kelly Smith
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Sisterhood, Freindship & Romance
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