A Reshaped View by Gabrielle F. Culmer

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Alt="A Reshaped View"A Reshaped View by Gabrielle F. Culmer
NYC fashion designer and style icon Kascey Chisol is newly-married and managing a socially-distanced fashion show amid a global pandemic when she is faced with a cybersecurity breach. After discovering her data has been stolen and designs have been faked, Kascey must reconstruct her couture line or face the consequences of competing with her own style online.
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Gabrielle F. Culmer’s thrilling mystery novelA Reshaped View, features brave characters who thrive amid mayhem. It is set during the COVID-19 tragic global pandemic and follows the main characters as they handle complex personal and professional issues.

As a global pandemic rages, successful New York-based fashion designer and founder of Kascey Couture fights to ensure her business survives. Through grit, creativity, and her husband’s unwavering support, Kascey Chisol’s fashion line manages to weather the pandemic’s devastating impact. After finally adjusting to the new normal, her designs are stolen from a file in her computer during a cyber-security breach. Meanwhile, her husband Gradey who is a venture capitalist, works to secure capital for a struggling Silicon Valley-based tech company and get it back on track while handling a family crisis. Gradey and Kascey lean on each other as they face new challenges and adapt to a new way of life.

Gabrielle F. Culmer creates well-drawn lead characters with inspiring strength and who share a beautiful bond. Gradey establishes his business during a market crash caused by the pandemic while Kascey manages to move her business online and attract a wide audience. Through masterful prose, Culmer demonstrates Gradey and Kascey’s loving relationship and elevates the value of community and family. While balancing their busy, demanding businesses, they create time to build their marriage and support their families.

The novel draws from a modern-day global upheaval that readers can relate to. Gradey’s and Kascey’s businesses are adeptly explored, including the effects the pandemic has on them and other businesses. Through its potent descriptions, the story paints a compelling picture of the drastic changes that businesses have to grapple with while still ensuring they remain profitable and relevant. Still, it is an uplifting story with courageous characters who tackle the problems they face head-on.

Culmer weaves a fascinating, suspenseful mystery that includes contemporary issues. The novel takes its audience through an intriguing case involving international crime. Kascey could suffer significant financial loss after her design files are accessed by international cyber criminals. The plot employs a swift pace as Kascey rushes to outsmart the criminals and seeks justice which enhances the story with excitement, and anticipation and the leads to an engrossing ending.

Equal parts captivating, inspiring, and heart-warming, A Reshaped View by Gabrielle F. Culmer is a romance story with a riveting mystery and multi-layered characters and intriguing scenarios. Chick Lit Café highly recommends A Reshaped View for fans of romance and mystery novels with an intelligent, imaginative, and contemporary twist.

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