The Steel Forest Goes Dark by Finn Woods

The Steel Forest Goes Dark by Finn Woods
Series: Risen Magic Book 1

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Alt="The Steel Forest Goes Dark"The Steel Forest Goes Dark (Risen Magic) by Finn Woods

On February third at six thirty-two A.M, an aurora filled the sky of Seattle with brilliant hues of green, blue, and dancing purple. It was in the news for less than two hours.

When Oz won over a dozen tickets to the Super-Bowl he wasn’t expecting the trip to be anything more than some good fun with his friends and a few acquaintances. Now one of his teachers is dead, he’s stuck in a city he’s never been in before and the streets fill with ghouls every sunrise.

When it’s clear help isn’t coming the group ventures out into the snow-covered streets under the cover of darkness, cautious of every shadow and creak of wrecked metal. The question is … how many of them will make it out alive?

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

A group of high schoolers must fight their way out of Seattle when the city is suddenly overrun by bloodthirsty ghouls in this atmospheric, exciting and page-turning, teen, and young adult urban fantasy novelThe Steel Forest Goes Dark (Risen Magic) by Finn Woods.

Shortly after Oz and his friends arrive in Seattle from Montana for the Super Bowl, riots break out across the city. From Ryan’s phone, they watch as people suddenly turn on each other. Crazed attackers break into the very same hotel the group is staying in, forcing Oz to defend himself and the rest of the group. Within no time, the friends lose their favorite teacher and Oz is forced to take charge. As the friends try to find their way home, they face danger at every turn as they fight the ever-increasing crowds of savage ghouls.

Author Finn Woods, delivers a hauntingly captivating thriller packed with riveting action that will keep readers turning its pages nonstop. He creates so much tension within his realistic and compelling story. With only a little food and water to last them a few days, the group is forced to scavenge to stay alive. Oz and his friends devise plans to keep everyone safe and band together to fight every growling ghoul that views them as prey. Without proper systems, the city falls into chaos and the group faces other dangers and setbacks besides the vicious creatures.

As the lead character, Oz is delightfully authentic and multi-dimensional. Other characters are also brilliantly crafted and have intriguing backstories and personalities that brings interesting, thought-provoking and engaging ingenious elements to the story. As the leader, Oz exemplifies courage, strength, and the ability to form clear, strategic plans. Through negotiation, he leads the group as they navigate difficult turns in their journey. The characters beautifully portray teamwork and friendship.

Woods is a master at creating absorbing settings that will quickly sweep readers into the dystopian world the friends are plunged into when mayhem breaks out. The group navigates sudden chaos, car crashes, and abandoned streets while trying to hide from the ghouls. They must travel with little information about the state of the city and other places they will encounter on their way.

The Steel Forest Goes Dark (Risen Magic) by Finn Woods is a fascinating, adventure-filled action novel packed with suspenseful twists and memorable characters that will keep readers invested until the end.

We are looking forward to Book 2 in the (Risen Magic) book series by Finn Woods. He has proven himself to be an excellent writer and an extremely clever and imaginative storyteller and can create an unforgettable story with a plot that keep readers turning the pages and wanting more.

The Steel Forest Goes Dark (Risen Magic) by Finn Woods comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Book Café. Book read and reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café multi-genre, award winning literary website.

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Alt="The Steel Forest Goes Dark"
The Steel Forest Goes Dark (Risen Magic) by Finn Woods
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner
Best Action, Adventure Horror
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