Ariadne Unraveled: A Mythic Retelling by Zenobia Neil

Ariadne Unraveled: A Mythic Retelling by Zenobia Neil
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Alt="Ariadne Unraveled"Ariadne Unraveled: A Mythic Retelling by Zenobia Neil

She serves a divine purpose. He wants to challenge a deity. Together, they could reshape destiny…

Ariadne is willing to do anything for her people. Commanded to sacrifice any husband she takes to her goddess, the Priestess of Artemis respects the power and duty she’s been entrusted with. But when a man claiming to be the son of Zeus gives her illicit pleasure unlike any she’s ever known, she begins to imagine a different future.

Dionysus wasn’t planning to fall in love. Venturing to Crete to seduce the leader of Artemis’s temple in revenge for denying his divinity, the new god of wine is enraptured by the strong-willed young mortal and uses trickery to win her as his bride. But his defiance quickly turns to despair when the furious goddess orders him to leave for three years, lest she kill his wife in childbirth.

With no memories of her marriage, Ariadne struggles with her mistress’ decree to help Athenian tributes escape the Minotaur’s labyrinth despite the danger to her own family. And even as Dionysus spreads his cult of winemaking and bacchanalia as far as India, he longs to return to his beloved.

Will this separated pair succumb to immortal plans, or can they find the joy they desperately seek?

With a deft pen and a modern sensibility, Zenobia Neil reimagines a classical myth for a contemporary audience. Sensual and sweeping, this boldly feminist retelling of the story of Ariadne and Dionysus will leave readers breathless and enchanted.

Ariadne Unraveled is a captivating historical romance. If you like powerful characters, lush mythic settings, and plenty of steam, then you’ll adore Zenobia Neil’s enthralling epic.

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

A sweeping, spell-binding story full of adventure, mythology, and fascinating characters, Ariadne Unraveled: A Mythic Retelling by Zenobia Neil is utterly captivating.

Many Greek mythologies tell the stories of the greater-known gods like Zeus, Apollo, Hera.  This story—Ariadne Unraveled—delves into the beautiful love story of Ariadne and Dionysus and the even more moving recounting of Ariadne’s life and support of women’s health.  Ariadne, a priestess for the goddess Artemis, serves her father by marrying the men of his choosing and then killing them as sacrifice to Artemis.  It’s also part of her role to the king and queen, her mother and father, to serve the women of Crete by providing information on their menstrual cycles.  Ariadne has women who are devoted to her, but none as devoted as Dionysus, a godling who can amplify anyone’s will but Ariadne’s.  When the goddess tells Dionysus that Ariadne will die if he remains with her, he leaves in secret condemning Ariadne to three years of grief for someone she can’t quite recall.  Artemis tells Ariadne she must leave Crete when the prince of Athens comes to fulfill his destiny, throwing Ariadne into a completely new future possibly devoid of love, her family, and all that she’s ever known.

Zenobia Neil has spun the most wonderful of tales with her latest story, Ariadne Unraveled.  I couldn’t put this book down! Ariadne’s love for other women, for her family, and her desires to live a life in service to these groups was inspiring.  I drank the love story of Dionysus and Ariadne down like a dehydrated person in a desert.  I couldn’t read fast enough to know how each storyline would play out.  I found Ariadne’s relationships with Talia and Dionysus and his devotion to her especially moving.

Zenobia Neil has done a lot of work to craft this storyline from multiple different versions of Greek mythology, and her thoughtful work and this novel is incredibly brilliant. This story read effortlessly even though it was layered and complex.  I loved the action and adventure that was so well-placed throughout the narrative.  I can’t recommend this story enough!  Book reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Chick Lit Book Café Reviews & Marketing for Success.

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A fresh, exciting take on familiar myths. Zenobia Neil brings familiar figures to life and gives them real agency and depth on the page. Ariadne Unraveled is a must-read for anyone who loves myth-based fiction… and appreciates a little spice.

ARIADNE UNRAVELED is one of the best retellings of an ancient Greek myth I’ve read, and if you aren’t already in love with Dionysus, you will be. Neil’s sweeping prose takes readers back to ancient Greece, where Ariadne proves to be one of the most fascinating characters in mythology. An absolutely fantastic read!
-Michelle Moran, USA Today Bestselling Author of CLEOPATRA’S DAUGHTERAlt-"zenobia neil"

Zenobia Neil was born with a shock of red hair and named after an ancient warrior woman who fought against the Romans. She spends her time imagining interesting people and putting them in terrible situations. The Queen of Warriors is her third novel.


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