The Black-Eyed Baby by Jacquel Clark

The Black-Eyed Baby by Jacquel Clark
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Alt="the balck-eyed baby"The Black-Eyed Baby by Jacquel Clark

How far can one go to conceal evil?

Detective Mansfield has seen a lot in his years in the police force, but he’s never had to stare into the eyes of a dead baby before.

He now wishes he never had to…

Days after an unidentified woman is found murdered and dumped behind an IHOP, police connect her murder to the death of a young thug named Rocco Maxen and discover her infant son dead inside her home.

Jane Doe is Nicole Hensen, a young woman who was fired mere days ago from a big corporation for not showing up for work.

But why do her colleagues claim they never had any dealings with her, and why would her employers rather fire her than look into her strange disappearance?

As Mansfield and his partner, Landers, delve into the sinister business of one of the richest and oldest families in the city, they find themselves blindsided by the darkness and secrets buried beneath its crushing wealth.

When it comes right down to it, the poor and the rich have one thing in common…

They would both do anything for money.

Chick Lit Book Café Book Review:

A thrilling, dynamic and suspenseful story, The Black-Eyed Baby by Jacquel Clark will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from start to finish. This story is a fine skillfully written murder mystery with an unforgattable outstanding detective.

When Detective Mansfield and his partner identify the murdered body of Nicole Hensen, they realize this case is indeed more complicated than just one murdered body.  Mansfield thought he’d seen a lot in all his years as a detective until the first body—that of Nicole Hensen—leads them to a murdered baby.  While he thought he’d seen everything, he couldn’t get the baby’s eyes out of his mind. As they try to get deeper into each of the cases, they run into one rabbit hole after another—each one darker than the last.  One would think that once they identified the IHOP murder victim, missing puzzle pieces would start filling in; however, Nicole’s colleagues are spinning one story after another.  Why would they work so hard to pretend they hadn’t seen Nicole, or to not help the police?  Each trail leads to more darkness, deception, and betrayal.  Will Mansfield and his partner, Landers, ever be able to solve both cases?

Jacquel Clark’s writing is rich with imagery and multi-dimensional characters that jump off the page.  In this book, she’s woven multiple storylines together in such a way that readers won’t be able to put the book down.  I was fascinated with her informed storylines and her ability to inhabit so many different points of view effortlessly.  Whether they be rich, poor, drug abuser, crime boss, or police detective, each of her characters felt true to form and realistic.  I really enjoyed the way each character’s dialogue flowed off the page.  This novel is thrilling, expertly crafted, and woven in a way that will keep readers guessing until the last few pages.  I loved the way she developed this plot!

For readers who love a good crime novel, a thriller, or a mystery, this book is for you and comes highly recommened by Chick Lit Book Cafe- Multi-Genres Books, Reviews & Author News site!  You’ll love reading her complex characters and following the detectives through each possible lead!  This is detective work at its finest and is most interesting to read, while following the clever clues and the trying to figure out the msytery. Pleanty of twists and turns that make the story even more exciting and intriguing. This novel is definatley award worthy.  Book reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Chick Lit Book Café.

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The Black-Eyed Baby by Jacquel Clark
CLBC Book Excellence Award Winner
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Mystery, Crime, Thriller & Suspense

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