Colony’s Dawn by N. Joseph Glass

Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy by N. Joseph Glass
Series: New Europa Trilogy Book #1

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Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy by N. Joseph Glass

Hope didn’t need details. Part of its wonder lay in anticipation of the surprise.”

Over 200 years in a sealed colony. No one had ever stepped outside or seen the sky. Not everyone is content to fill their role for future generations to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Gift’s relentless optimism struggles to silence the gnawing doubts stirred by recent conspiracy theories. When the whispers grow into a deafening din and discontent sprouts acts of sabotage, she discovers her beloved New Europa wasn’t as tranquil and hopeful as she believed.

When the foundations of her society are challenged, unimageable circumstances place Gift on a path that would change the realities of her world. Will she be able to retain her innocence, hold onto her ideals and virtues, while becoming the reluctant hero needed to save her colony and those she loves?

Chick Lit Book Café review:

A sweeping, epic story of love, friendship, and survival, Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy by N. Joseph Glass is a unique, captivating must read novel for teens, young adults and adult fans of dystopian science fiction tales!

After the environmental scientists had given up hope of saving the planet, they selected participants to continue the human race in an off-world colony. Gift Ojo, a young woman and a technician in this community, has many unusual characteristics—one is her desire for order and structure in which the colony’s tenets and every individual member is equal regardless of his or her role.  In this dystopian society, every member has their own role, and they each have a single status until they reach maturity at the age of thirty. Even though the colony doesn’t have access to every one of Earth’s resources, the inhabitants, being two hundred and fifty years removed from living on Earth, are happy in this life.  Well, at least until random explosions and interruptions to the software coding and in some hardware, pieces began to impact everyone’s existence and safety.  A leader in their fields, Gift and her friends are soon accused of causing these incidents even as they risk their lives to catch and correct each problem before it can become worse.  Will Gift and her friends be able to get to the bottom of these alarming explosions before someone is killed?  Or will everyone die?  As Gift and her friends race against time to discover who the malcontent is and who is working with him or her, they also need to stop the largest attack that’s ever happened on their colony.

A fast-paced, action ride if ever there was one, Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy by N. Joseph Glass offers such an amazing story.  The characters N. Joseph Glass crafts are multi-layered and interesting.  Dystopian fiction stories take so much creative work, an incredible imagination and brilliant writing skills to craft a new world and an amazing story that readers will get become so engrossed in that they will lose track of time and can’t put it down. That is exactly what happened with me as I stayed up into the middle of the night turning page after page completely enthralled and drawn into the character’s lives as the storyline upfolded and completely engulfed, enthralled and entertained me. The world felt like something I’ve always known and yet felt new and different at the same time.  I felt immediately engrossed in the intrigue of the plot which N. Joseph only intensified as the story progressed.  Furthermore, the plot was layered with suspense which was built slowly as I came to know each character more and more.  For me, this created a need to keep reading—I had to know how the story was going to end regardless of what time of night it was!  The ending kept me guessing in so many ways that I wanted to pick up book two the second I turned the last page of this book.  This is a layered, nuanced storyline with likeable characters that are infused with rich backstories and cultural characteristics; its plot is unique and immediately attention grabbing.

Any fantasy reader, and readers of exciting, intriguing, unique and entertaining stories will love Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy by N. Joseph Glass.  This highly inventive book will capture your attention from page one and won’t let you go until it’s given you a good thrill ride!

Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy by N. Joseph Glass comes recommended by Chick Lit Book Café. Book read and reviewed by Mary Rosenthal.

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Alt="Colony’s Dawn"Colony’s Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy
by N. Joseph Glass 

Awarded first place for best
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CLBC International Book Excellence Award
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