Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Series, Book 2 by Jess Porto

Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Series, Book 2 by Jess Porto
Series: Moon Mountain Series Book 2

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Alt="isle of stars by jess porto"Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Series, Book by Jess Porto

Morgan Thomas has lost the battle.

Her body? Stolen as a new vessel for a mysterious being.

Her mind? Trapped inside a prison within her subconscious, placated by familiar but lifeless settings as she fades away.

But if her former enemy Vera Gallagher has any say, the war against these shadowy and inhuman thieves has only begun.

Bound to Morgan by a bizarre but providential string of events, Vera strikes the match to light a new path for Morgan, leading her out of the darkness. But with deceptions around every bend, Morgan must ultimately find the strength within herself to break free.

Trekking across mind-bending discoveries and with new mysteries to unravel, including the unexpected fate of the noble detective who sacrificed everything for her, Morgan uncovers the only hope of defeating these monsters. But it lies in the most unlikely of places, setting her on a course to face her most perilous task yet… and one step closer to the ultimate showdown against a ruthless enemy.

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

We’ve been waiting for Jess Porto’s second book in the Moon Mountain Trilogy, and now that Isle of Stars is here, we can’t get enough! A story that started as a thriller takes a jump into the exciting world of science fiction in this intense and riveting sequel.

Morgan is still alive. But she is trapped inside her own consciousness as her body is controlled by the “thing,” a strange, ruthless being who is pretending to be her. It turns out Vera Gallagher isn’t who Morgan thought she was. Vera, the person who Morgan came to know as her enemy, is the only one who can help Morgan escape her prison and save her friend Colin from a similar fate. All the while, Morgan remains clueless about the fate of Grayson, who sacrificed everything to save her, despite that it was all for nothing. Now, the first thing Morgan has to do is find a way to reach her best friend Sheridan, and then the real encounter with the “thing” will begin.

This story will blow you away. Jess Porto spent the entire first book, Moon Mountain, preparing for this epic sequel. The first story builds up the thrill and mystery, while the second uncloaks everything; all of the truth comes out, and it’s altogether wild, scary, and exhilarating. There is intense longing built up within Morgan to find Grayson again, and that longing, combined with her own willpower, drives her forward. The complete story is incredible—it’s truly hard to believe that Porto is a new author because the skill displayed here is truly outstanding.

“Exceptional,” “thrilling,” “adrenaline-charged,” and “absorbing” would all be excellent words to describe Isle of Stars. It ends on a temptingly strong cliff-hanger, and we can’t wait to read the third masterpiece in this trilogy! Chick Lit Book Café is proud to recommend Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 2 by Jess Porto. Book read and reviewed by Micah Giordonela for Chick Lit Book Café.

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Alt="isle of stars"Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 2 by Jess Porto
CLBC International Book Excellence Award Winner
For Best
Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller 
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