A Day in the Life (Novella) Book One by Andrew Masseurs

A Day in the Life (Novella): Book One by Andrew Masseurs
Series: A Day in the Life Series Book One

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A Day in the Life (Novella): Book One by Andrew Masseurs

Michael awakens to a world where everyone has mysteriously disappeared. Not only must he come to grips with the sudden loss of his family, but he must also survive in a changing, overgrown, perilous earth filled with new predatory creatures while searching for his wife and missing daughter. A Day in the Life for a man on the edge surviving in a dangerous new world.
A gripping, suspense, thriller, apocalyptic debut novella by author Andrew Masseurs. Book One in the A Day in the Life series.

Chick Lit Book Cafe Review:

A dystopian novel for the ages, A Day in the Life by Andrew Masseurs, is an eventful, suspenseful and action packed read!

Michael went out for a run just like any other day.  On this day, however, there were no noises, no other athletes, not even a dog’s bark to interrupt the peaceful morning.  It wasn’t until 7 that night that he began to feel worried.  As days went by, the realization that he was suddenly mysteriously and inexplicably alone—that his wife, his daughter, every other human being near him—had disappeared slowly sunk in. Where was everyone?  And why was he still here if no one else was?  Navigating back to his family home, he resolved to find meaning, to find his family.  After months and months, he found one other person who was still alive ……and many other mutated animals that wanted him for dinner.  Will he find his family?  Will he survive this weird, dangerous, and unfamiliar end-of-the-world scenario?

Like the movie Legend, this book is fascinating, gripping and full of intense action. It is thrilling and does not let its readers down.  I liked the first-person narration because it made this unique and incredible story feel personal.  I felt like I was the narrator living out this strange, dystopian tale with him.  I really like the way author; Andrew Masseurs created a most incredible original plot, and the way he built the tension and then didn’t release it until the very last page, was remarkable and riveting. His outstanding expressive writing style and vivid descriptions of the scenes, settings, and everything his character, Michael was doing, thinking, and feeling brought this story to life and made it an amazing 5 star read.

Readers who enjoy dystopian fiction or anything action packed will love this story. I am looking forward to reading Book Two in Andrew Masseurs’ A Day in the Life series.

A Day in the Life (Novella): A Day in the Life Series, Book One comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Chick Lit Book Café – multi-genres literary reviews.

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