Rewind Ranch by Peggi Davis

Rewind Ranch by Peggi Davis
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What price would you pay to reclaim the vigor and allure of youth? Four spirited Southern seniors are about to find out. Tempted by the promise of Rewind Ranch, a paradise nestled in Hawaii’s enchanting Hana hills, they embark on a journey that promises unlimited cosmetic enhancements, captivating company, and indulgent escapades. As the ladies dive into a world of luxury, laughter, and liaisons, they soon discover that the ranch offers more than just superficial pleasures. Beneath the veneer of hedonistic delights, a darker secret lurks. As doubts creep in and stakes rise, they realize their dream vacation might be a trap they need to escape to ensure their very survival. Join these fearless women on a roller-coaster of suspense and camaraderie, where beauty is more than skin deep, and friendship is the ultimate savior.

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

The promise of an exotic, pristine resort paradise offering cutting-edge beauty and wellness services, exciting mixers, and alluring luxury attracts four long-term friends who long to restore their youth and possibly find their match in the immersive thriller, Rewind Ranch by Peggi Davis.

Four retirees with different lives: Margot, a successful and prominent socialite from an affluent Alabama family, Elli, a Texas native and former creative director, Lacey Ann, a distinguished ballerina and teacher at American Ballet Theatre, and Mary Grace, a dedicated civil rights lawyer, all reunite at an exquisite condominium in Birmingham, Alabama. Wanting to regain their youth and feel attractive again, they travel to Rewind Ranch, a remote luxury resort in the stunning Hana Hills in Maui, Hawaii. At first, the enchanting paradise delivers everything the friends hoped it would but, later, they discover mysterious events happening in the resort.

Driven by a rich cast of characters, this mesmerizing tale follows the lives of four remarkable women with diverse lives who share a long-lasting friendship. Davis offers an in-depth background of each character, exploring their accomplishments, hopes, and insecurities, which make all four women feel real. At the resort, the women meet other people whose intriguing backstories are also covered.

The breathtaking, tranquil setting creates a seemingly peaceful backdrop for the story. A few chapters later, the storyline takes an unexpected, suspenseful turn once the women arrive at the resort. The story culminates with a hair-raising scene as the characters discover the danger they are in. The ending is gripping and exciting.

While the story can be read as a thrilling mystery led by compelling characters, it is also a beautiful portrait of female friendships. The four friends remain in touch even after they go their separate ways and follow different career paths. Their bond in the story is evident as they meet again in Birmingham and decide to travel together. In the end, they must work together to solve the mystery.

Rewind Ranch by Peggi Davis is a fascinating thriller with a page-turning storyline, splendid setting, and original, complex characters that readers will love. I am certainly looking forward to reading more fabulous novels by Peggi Davis. She has an original voice, and her expressive writing style transports the reader to paradise to fully feel, see and experience – both the pleasure and the terror that the lovely unsuspecting ladies feel.  Chick Lit Book Café highly recommends Rewind Ranch by Peggi Davis. Book reviewed by Anna Davis for Chick Lit Book Cafe-Multi-Genre Literary Reviews & Promotions.

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Rewind Ranch by Peggi Davis
CLBC International Book Excellence Award Winner
Thrillers, Women’s Friendship Fiction, Suspense
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