The Day After by Andrew Masseurs – Award Winner

The Day After by Andrew Masseurs
Series: A Day in the Life Series, Book Two

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Alt="the day after"The Day After: A Day in the Life Series, Book Two by Andrew Masseurs

They called it, The Vanishing. When the world’s population mysteriously disappeared. Michael Stevenson and his family somehow managed to survive in a world of adversity filled with new strange predatory creatures. Now, in the sequel to the well received novella, A Day in the Life, that reviewers called:

“An unparalleled reading experience.”
“A literary roller coaster that defies expectations.”

“Impressed is an understatement.”

We will find out what the strange being really meant when it said, “you will probably not survive, Michael Stevenson.” When the world recognises you as a virus. The worst enemy in an existence that wants you dead. Might just be yourself.

Join our brave heroine, 14 year old Shelby Frances O’Leary and author, Andrew Masseurs on the adventure of a hazardous, dev

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

A spell-binding thrill ride, The Day After: A Day in the Life Series, Book Two by Andrew Masseurs will keep you on the edge of your seat.

When the world ended as they all knew it; when Shelby and Lucy had died, and Michael had to make crosses with their birth and death dates; when suddenly they reappeared with quite a story to tell, The Day After began.  Enter a world where everything feels topsy turvy.  Where the cute little animals can spew fire and everything else seems like its sole purpose is to kill you.  In this world, in its newness, nothing seems certain—most of all, the people around you.  Suddenly, trusting someone new can end your life; a new friend can mean the ending of your family.  And with death at every turn, what felt unreal yesterday reaches new levels of certainty.  What’s one to do in this world?  Well, for Shelby and Lucy…. run like hell and don’t give up without a fight.  Enter an array of characters all working to figure out this new reality and to stay alive.  Will they all survive despite many odds?  Or will they have to concede what feels so true—that all odds are not in their favor.

Andrew Masseurs proved himself as a writer with book one, but in book two, he’s erased any lingering doubt (if there was any) that he can spin a storyline that’ll keep readers on the edge of their seats.  This storyline creates such suspense—in part, by the way he dedicates chapters to different characters providing readers snippets of story while subtly drawing the characters closer and closer together.  Also in part, his plot is unexpected and full of tension.  Readers will be on the edge of their seats, holding their breath for our young characters as they encounter trial after trial.  In dystopian fiction, I think it’s easy to get lost in the world-building aspect of the fantasy.  Yet, Andrew used touchpoints from reality to effortlessly guide readers into his new world; this technique gave the book a chilling vibe that further kept me engrossed.  One would think Andrew has been writing for his whole career, and yet, to find out this is only his second book is truly a surprise indeed.

With engaging characters readers can instantly relate to, a plot that will keep you up at night, and a spellbinding story arc, The Day After by Andrew Masseurs is a must read for any reader.  Readers who like dystopian, thrillers, Apocalyptic plots, or suspense will especially want to dive into this series!  And if you loved this one, you’ll be happy to know that book three is due out soon!
Highly recommened by Chick Lit Book Cafe. Reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for CLBC-Multi-Genres Book Reviews. 

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 The Day After: A Day in the Life Series, Book Two by Andrew Masseurs
CLBC International Book Excellence Gold Award Winner
Dystopian & Apocalyptic Thriller

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