The Oracle of Spring Garden Road by Norrin Ripsman

The Oracle of Spring Garden Road by Norrin Ripsman
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Alt="The Oracle of Spring Garden Road"The Oracle of Spring Garden Road by Norrin Ripsman 

“Crazy Eddie” is a homeless man who inhabits two squares of pavement in front of a bank in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this makeshift office, he panhandles and dispenses his peerless wisdom. Well-educated, fiercely intelligent with a passionate interest in philosophy and a profound love of nature, Eddie is an enigma for the locals. Who is he? Where did he come from? What brought him to a life on the streets? Though rumors abound, none capture the unique worldview and singular character that led him to withdraw from the perfidy and corruption of human beings. Just as Eddie has decided to plan his return to society after nearly two decades on the streets, he encounters Jane, a kind woman whose intelligence and integrity rival his own. Jane makes it her mission to uncover the painful secrets of his past, to make him whole again. But will she heal Eddie or will he save her?

A dizzying ride between past and present, The Oracle of Spring Garden Road is a tour de force of love, betrayal, tradition, the transformative beauty of nature, and the heavenly music of life.

Chick Lit Book Café Review:

A moving account of “Crazy Eddie” and his genius, The Oracle of Spring Garden Road by Norrin Ripsman is a must read for all adult readers!

When “Crazy Eddie” is working at his office, passersby on Spring Garden Road in Halifax know they will learn quite a lot.  Eddie, a savant in philosophy and religion, lives as a homeless man out on the streets to renege the stressors of a world that values capitalism and achievement.  Eddie is something of a fascination for the locals who can’t understand why someone so intelligent would choose to frequent the streets.  Of course, each local has his or her own origin story for “Crazy Eddie,” but no one can actually solve the riddle of where Eddie came from…. until Jane befriends Eddie and the two realize their intellectual rigor is on par with one another.  When Jane decides to solve the mystery of Crazy Eddie, she uncovers some truths that can either harm or heal. The question is who will save whom?

Rife with beautiful imagery, The Oracle of Spring Garden was a book that made me want to hug my family close and revisit all the priorities I’d ever based my life around.  What a gift to eschew the “keeping with the Joneses” type of thinking and instead focus only on a minimalist lifestyle.  Eddie’s gift as a character was his presence itself; he’s quirky, fiercely intelligent, and loyal.  I loved his backstory, and the way Norrin developed his character through flashback chapters.  I was endlessly fascinated by the characters who could see through Eddie’s acerbic caricature and into his true intentions.  Eddie’s presence in this story makes the storyline fun to follow and intriguing to dive into.  I loved the story development as well rife with rich setting descriptions and a beautiful take on life itself.

A gift for readers, The Oracle of Spring Garden is a beautiful reminder of how important each person is in our lives.  Norrin Ripsman further reminds us of the value our choices play in a society only out to support itself.  A treasure for the ages, The Oracle of Spring Garden Road by Norrin Ripsman is a well-written guidebook for life itself that we highly recommend for any reader. Book read and review by Mary Rosenthal for Chick Lit Book Café-Multi-Genres Literary Reviews.

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