Adrienne Williams

Alt="adrienne williams"Featured Author Adrienne Williams

I am a woman of a certain age who loves
reading and writing books. My preferred genre is romance and currently my favourite author is Jojo Moyes.

My favourite book of all time is ‘All the Little
Animals’ by Alexander Hamilton, which I first read as a teenager and has stayed
in my head ever since.

I have a
passion for learning new skills and although I have mainly worked in the
jewellery trade, I have studied and gained qualifications in Art & design,
Interior decor, and counselling skills.

When I’m not
writing, I have an on-going intention to ‘get fit’ so I wear a fitness tracker
which sneers at me every day for only walking a measly three and a half
thousand steps instead of the desired ten thousand.

I am constantly
on a diet which I rarely follow and I love shoes, handbags and things that

I have a yearning for a log burning stove but
have a ‘realistic’ gas fire.

I would like to own a dog, (probably a Jack
Russel) but must make do with a grumpy tortoise who hisses at me when I pick
him up.

I have a lovely husband and two grown up kids
who have finally moved into homes of their own, and an elderly mother who
speaks her mind.

Currently I
have two eBooks available on Amazon.

Boob Jobs & Angel Cakes is a story of
friendship, overcoming adversity and finding love again.

One Cat, Three Creeps & a Sex God is
romantic novel with a twist of suspense and a dash of humour.

My website is

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